Sunday, 26 August 2012

Dress: Time For Tea (Dress)



Dress: Long Tall Sally / Shoes: Clarks / Sunglasses: Topshop / Necklace: Heidi Seeker (discontinued design, alternative version here) / Bracelets: New Look/Lady Luck Rules OK!

Today was a day in which a dress was needed, and a village monument needed climbing! My new dress is from LTS and I love it - I saw it on the website when the new season collection came in and I immediately fell in love. This is me! I thought - I've needed an awesome all-weather, all-occasion dress for ages now, it's actually quite hard finding a dress not only as a tall girl but also one that is comfortable, doesn't flash too much flesh and looks nice on! This dress ticks all of those boxes and then some.

If you feel worried about showing off a bit too much on your top half, the clever wrap covers you up perfectly, and if you are a bit blessed in the chest department, a camisole in a contrasting colour worn underneath is also a wise bet! I decided to go bare legged although tights will also work well too (how about in a seasonal purple?) - and because of the unseasonal hot weather (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha) sandals in black with studs toughen up the outfit and add interest. Talking of which, accessories today were my Heidi Seeker name necklace (for a bit of rock and roll) and my old faithful bracelets from New Look and LLROK! I like to think this outfit is half girly, half rock chick, especially with my new favourite Topshop sunnies.

As for why I climbed the village monument (right in the middle of the village, cars whizzing past me both sides, wind whipping up my dress like Marilyn, people in the neighbouring pub beer garden staring at me out of pure amusement), I saw it and knew I had to do it as it had the perfect height for a full length shot of my outfit, the little photographer that I am! This dress is by far my new favourite and I can't wait to wear it again. I wonder what adventures I'll have next time...

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