Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wednesday Words: Recently...

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Greeny grass

You know when you go out for a walk and you all decide, on the spur of the moment, to go and play hide and seek? On a flat, grassy green with nowhere really to hide? And of course, you're the one chosen to count to ten, hiding your eyes, back turned to everyone. But then a baby bird bounces into view, lands on the ground and hops along the green. "Awww, cute!" you think, going quiet, losing all track of the numbers... And then you realise where you are, turn around, and cannot find a soul? And, suddenly, it's like you're ten years old again, feeling lost in a big place and in need of your Mum? Before you know it a little boy on his bike comes along. "Um, er, I've kind of lost my family!" I stutter to this young man, roles reversed, considering I must be at least twice his age. "They're playing hide and seek," I explain. "I'll help you find them!" the boy says, before riding off on his bike. Seconds later, my family appear from behind a grassy bank, laughing. How on earth did I become so rubbish at hide and seek?!

Wednesday Words is my new attempt at writing a little bit every Wednesday documenting untold stories from my life and some of my own personal embarrassing moments.

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