Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wednesday Words: Oh, Migraine.

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Today, I wake up and feel okay
The sun is shining, the sky isn't grey
I go about my business, feeling fine
Until, in my right eye I see a line

At first I think it's a flash of light
The ones that creep in and disrupt your sight
For a minute or so, silly sunlight
So I shut my eyes and turn day into night

But the line is persisting, and bigger it becomes
Until a zig zag emerges, flashing, troublesome
I reach into my bag and produce the blue box
The doctor's prescription, that should help lots

Out comes the sachet, I tear into it fast
Put the tablet on my tongue, and take it to task
The taste isn't nice, it makes me cringe a bit
But I'll do anything for this feeling to quit

I feel sleepy now and I just need a rest
So I put my head in my hands and try my best
To let the zig zags die out and the sleepiness stop
I turn on the fan as I begin to feel hot

For what feels like forever, things start to change
The darkness has made the zig zags rearrange
Themselves to the corners of my eye, flashing lights remain
I feel a bit better, a bit fuzzy, but thank god, I can see again!

My head doesn't hurt and no, it doesn't pound
But I don't feel right, will the real Rach be found
Again? Because she feels quite emotional, weepy
It doesn't help much that she already feels sleepy!

The tiredness makes everything feel tough
My legs feel like lead and my body feels rough
I just fancy a long nap, a quiet lie down in bed
If you don't let me do it now I'll be seeing red!

At the end of my day I crawl under the duvet
Curl the covers underneath me and hit the hay
I sleep heavy that night, weird dreams all night
Migraines are vile. Stupid zig zags, flashing lights.

Wednesday Words is my new attempt at writing a little bit every Wednesday documenting untold stories from my life and some of my own personal embarrassing moments.

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