Sunday, 1 July 2012

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt - June 2012

I'm slightly late to the party, but here are my entries for this month. It's been a really busy month - it's flown by so fast (helped with an extra two days off thanks to the Jubilee), but weirdly for June it's been mostly spent indoors because of the ridiculously wet weather. Can it be nice and sunny now, please? I would like to go on holiday at some point!

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Something I Made - The news! I entered a spring photography competition earlier this month and was shocked to see my entry appear in this week's local newspaper. I entered two photos, the other wasn't published, and I have no idea if I've won so watch this space I guess. Either way it's been awesome!

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Inspiration - Paper luggage tags. I have a use for these, and I have the labels to stick on them - if only I could get them to match up and print out properly! Given that I use printable labels almost every day you'd think I'd know how to get them to work, but as yet I've not found the correct label template that works. Back to Google I guess. But looking at these labels are spurring me on to get my project finished. Once I've done it I'll show you all properly.

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Summer - as this weather has been so horrible lately (although I loved the thunderstorm on Thursday morning) I've not really been outside. Which is a shame. The only thing that really reminds me of summer days apart from long days, sunshine and blue skies is a nice glass of orange juice!

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Holiday - I've not been on holiday so far this year, so I'm hoping August will be nice. Me and Pembrokeshire need some quality time. I have no photos that I've taken this month so these two photos which I found on my computer, randomly, of both Amroth (first photo) and Tenby beach (second photo) will do for now. Come on weather, behave!

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Motif: Childhood - I randomly found the tracklisting for an extremely old Now That's What I Call Music! album the other day. I have every single one from Now 44 onwards. I don't have this one... but I am so sorely tempted. It reminds me of when I first got into music aged ten. Seriously, it's worth checking out the tracklisting and seeing how much of it you remember.

And that's my CPSH for this month. Can't wait to do next month's!

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