Sunday, 29 July 2012

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt - July 2012

Hi everyone! July again has been a quick month, extremely busy but full of great moments. I've been hard at work on a secret project (which is going to be revealed shortly), and I'm still hard at work on it! I've been shopping, a fair bit, and enjoying the sunshine, detox teas, and going for walks. And, of course, taking this month's photos. Enjoy!


Something I Made: This forms part of my secret project. I'm not going to go into much detail, other than give it a few weeks and you'll find out some more. But basically I've been busy printing and sticking and punching holes in luggage tags. It's all for a good reason and I cannot wait to show you all what I've been up to!

Sunset, last night

Inspiration: On Thursday night it was way too hot to go upstairs so we gathered in the living room (coolest room in the house) and watched some TV with the back door wide open to let the air in. Upon looking at the door I realised my camera was needed. The sunset was stunningly beautiful and I needed to get a photograph of it. This was the result. Minutes later some annoying kids from across the road started bickering loudly and I jumped a foot in the air!

Quality Street

Vintage Quality Street tin

Art Deco: This isn't Art Deco, but it is old. A long time ago an elderly lady gave me her sewing kit as she was packing her house up. This forms part of it. It's a very old Quality Street tin, with a faded price tag on it (price still in shillings) - just looking at it makes me wonder about the story behind it and when it was purchased, and who ate the sweets!


The Colour Blue: Here's my new glass as my gnome glass managed to get a chip in it (nooooo) - It's a Union Jack spelt out with different city names. And there's plenty of blue in a Union Jack!

A ladybird

Ladybirds: I couldn't find any, anywhere, so I had to draw one! Hope you like it.

That was it for this month - I can't wait to see everyone's entries, and see you next month!

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