Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wednesday Words: The Essentials

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Moon over the sea

Like everyone I've got my favourites and my routines and quirks, stuff that could be considered a little bit crazy to other people but is pretty much perfectly normal to me! But who cares, horses for courses and all that. I'm sure if we looked at one another's lives we'd all find something that wouldn't be to our taste, right? (But thankfully I've not come across many people who find it necessary to tell me my likes and dislikes are weird - that would be rude, wouldn't it? Actually it is rude, so please don't do it.)

For me though the things that make my life what they are, are all the little things. I've learned over the years, through teaching myself photography, that looking for details and different angles are what make photos interesting, beautiful, and often emotional. It's because of this and my Daily Snaps that I look for the small things in life, and enjoy them. I really do find joy in things that many people overlook, and I hope my photography describes my life visually and in a way that gets people to start searching. I also have a bit of a childlike eye for things, and love messing about like it's a summer holiday, hanging out on the pavement with my neighbourhood friends in the 1990s all over again. I don't think I'll ever grow up, and I don't think I actually care, either.


I do have several items in my life I definitely couldn't live without though, no matter how big or small they are though:

My bed: Oh, my bed and I are great friends, for a start, without it I'd be a bit stuck. Secondly last year I replaced the mattress after the last one was basically worn out (one day I woke up crying as my back was in serious pain, so I gave up saying "One day..." to buying a new one and went out and bought the best mattress in the shop) - and I love it! I finally feel properly comfortable sleeping, and teamed with my blackout curtains, earplugs, lavender Badger balm and nightly valarian tea, my sleepy time is well earnt, fruitful sleepy time. It's only taken years to perfect, but I think I've got the magic.

My SAD lightbox: In the morning, after my lovely night's sleep I find myself woken by my Lumie lightbox. I've had it just over two years and I love it. After being a depressed, grumpy sausage over the winter months, really struggling with feeling down, and feeling lost about treating it, I tried a lightbox which is set to wake me up every morning at quarter to seven. Even on a sleepy Sunday morning without alarms, it doesn't make a noise, it just lights up like a sunrise, which I ignore but the effect is there: the simulated sunlight wakes you up gently and encourages a happier, lighter feeling. I don't know the exact science behind it but it works for me. And long may it continue!

My iPod: I know and love my iPod like it's family. After a very sad and scary moment back in January when I killed an iPod by dropping it down a flight of stairs (on accident - HARD CASES SAVE LIVES PEOPLE!) I realised that my iPod means more than just an MP3 player: it wakes me up in the morning while I'm making breakfast, it keeps me company while I'm bored or lonely, it inspires me to write and write and write this blog, and I often listen to it and pretend I'm having a party. Sometimes I dance, sometimes I lip sync along with the words. Don't judge, we all do it, right?

My camera: We've been together nearly two years now, my Canon and I: In January (again) I faced losing it for a week while the motor assembly was fixed on the kit lens but we were happily reunited. My camera has taught me everything I need to know and continues to push me further in my pursuit of becoming the best photographer I possibly can be. 'Nuff said. Plus it takes really good photos. Really.

Beach bubbles

A pot of bubbles: One simple item that can change a mood in thirty seconds. Buy a 20p pot of bubbles from a toy shop, go outside to a green space, or a beach, or your back garden, the forest or even your bathroom. Blow some bubbles. Watch your mood lift instantly. If bubbles don't make you happy I don't know what else will, really! The science behind bubbles is fascinating, and as a child I always wanted to float a worm or a piece of paper or whatever random item I had to hand inside a bubble, but it never happened. Which is a good thing really, I don't think anyone would appreciate a worm landing on their head when the bubble popped... The way they float and carry themselves above the world for those few minutes is beautiful and inspirational and I love them. Long live bubbles! See also in this category: daisies and pebbles.

Blue skies: It doesn't always happen, especially in Britain, but when it does, a bright blue sky when the sun is high and the weather is blissfully warm with a slight breeze is enough for me to dream. I enjoy looking out my window when I'm working on these days, I enjoy it even more when there's a few fluffy white clouds in assorted shapes. Like a child lying down on the grass I guess the shapes. Once I saw a snail having a smoke, the other time I saw a kangaroo eating a dinosaur. Keep dreaming, and keep imagining. See also in this category: The seaside, the moon, woodland walks and fresh air.

I could write more about the joys of my life. But most importantly I always believe that life is about being happy and having fun. So, smile!

Wednesday Words is my new attempt at writing a little bit every Wednesday, documenting untold stories from my life and some of my own personal embarrassing moments.

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