Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sunday Read: Diary Of A Parent Trainer, by Jenny Smith

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Katie is becoming an expert on how adults behave: she's busy writing a half diary/half user manual on how to train her Mum and spotting (and handling) her different moods when her Mum announces she has a new boyfriend: a man known only as the Yellow Tie Man.

Shocked, Katie and her brother and older sister hatch a plan to try and get rid of him, so that they can all live happily ever after. In the meantime Katie is busy being a young teenage girl: hanging out with her friends, falling out (and making up) and discovering about boys. But will Katie's scheme to get rid of Yellow Tie Man work, and secondly, will she ever be able to fully train her Mum?

I enjoyed this book for so many reasons. The writing is hilarious - and Katie's knowledge of grownups and their likes and dislikes lead to some genius plans (I particularly loved how they decided to wear t-shirts with huge logos as Yellow Tie Man absolutely abhorrs them!) and some truly bad ideas which leads to utter chaos. The book deals with the issue of depression incredibly well, and for me, it actually broke my heart to read to the point that I cried at the end of the book! (proper great hulking sobs as well, mind)

As a grown up myself I could see both sides of the coin with Katie's anguish at her Mum's new boyfriend, and her Mum's wish to be happy, too. And without spoiling any of the book, I wanted everything to work out just fine in the end. Whether it does or not, you'll just need to read the book and find out! I fully recommend this book to everyone, especially girls aged twelve and upwards. The humour and story was written in a gentle, witty style that would absolutely suit younger teenagers - and everyone who's just a bit older, too. And I shall never, ever stand up on the bus without checking if I'm holding onto the pole, or a mop, instead, again!

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