Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunday Read: Boo, The World's Cutest Dog, by JH Lee

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I first found out about Boo on Cute Overload last year - they'd featured his photo and my head was fit to burst. The cuteness! I can't take it! Arrrrgh! *cue screaming like a ten year old* Boo is a little Pomerian dog who lives with another Pomerian called Buddy - they live with their owner in America, and Boo is the star of his own Facebook fan page. He has absolutely millions of fans who all adore seeing him and his daily antics. I know I do! My family knew just how much I love Boo and his hilariously cute antics, as I received this as a Christmas present. And oh, boy, I love it!

UK Book Review Blog

This book is a really adorable photostory about a day in a life of Boo. We start off by meeting Boo, who introduces us to his home, and his best friend Buddy. We're then taken on a short adventure through all the things Boo enjoys doing - choosing an outfit, going for a walk, running around, playing, eating. As I turned each page my Squee-O-Meter (patent pending) was getting louder and louder - I especially enjoyed seeing his wardrobe. I don't know many dogs with such a varied range of outfits! But Boo can pull it off. Oh yes, he can.

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I love the props and styling in the photos - how can you resist seeing Boo and Buddy chilling out with a bowl of tortilla chips each? I also love the way the captions, albeit short and sweet, are very witty. I enjoy reading the updates on Facebook as they're always amusing - this book perfectly captures the humour that everyone knows and loves him for! (although I do know that his owner writes them on his behalf, of course!)

UK Book Review Blog

Although this book is fairly short at eighty pages, and much of the layout features smaller photos (much like a photobook) I absolutely loved reading Boo. This book is perfect for fans, and people who need a good dose of cuteness in their lives. And with a sequel being released in September, a calendar coming out ready for next year, AND a plushie (I own one - hell yeah!) - Boo is about to become one popular pup.

UK Book Review Blog

Just don't say the word Bathtime.

You can buy the book here!

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