Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wednesday Words: A Walk In The Woods

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Can we pretend?

I'm going to take you all on a journey for a few minutes. Not for a very long time, not like forever and ever amen, just for a few moments. You can spare me five or ten minutes, can't you? Go on, pop to the toilet a bit quick and pull on something warm. Maybe put some old trainers on or wellies too, it's been raining a lot around these parts lately. You never know when the mud might strike.

Are we all ready to go yet? Yes? Excellent. I'll just lock the front door. Out the gate we go. Down the road we're walking, the gravel rolling beneath our shoes as the iron gate at the end of our road shuts. We're keeping a great pace as we walk down the old hill, past the start of the woods, trees and greenery, that one tree to your left? The other kids made a treehouse in it once and I wasn't allowed in. Plus I couldn't quite climb that tree either so there was no point.

Through the start of the woods now, it's gone chilly already under the shade of the trees, hasn't it? Birds are merrily singing away. Over the little bridge and onto the proper start of the tracks. We can do this. Shall we run it? Oh, on second thoughts, that might be a bad idea, I can't run, my ankle gives out a lot and I'd rather not fall over in front of you. It wouldn't be embarrassing, as we are friends, after all, but, you know, I run just like Phoebe does in Central Park during that one episode of Friends. I did that once, you know. Running like Phoebe, in Central Park. It was both liberating and hilarious.

I can hear rustling in the trees. LOOK! Quickly! To the left, third tree over there! It's a squirrel, gracefully climbing the tree with ease, running along the branch to the next tree over. Hang on a minute, I hear some yapping... oh my god, there are two squirrels, and they are fighting and barking like dogs. I never knew they made a noise like THAT. How bizarre, I never expected to see squirrel fisticuffs... Moving on... on the right hand side we can see the old woods. I say they're the old woods, there used to be tons of trees but they chopped the entire lot down, and now it's completely barren, and the ground is all uneven. One day I feel like running along this entire turf screaming loudly. I think this might also be the day I break my ankle, so I may leave it for the moment.

Locked gate

We're just doing the semi circle walk at the moment as we've only really got a short amount of time and I know we've all got busy lives and things to do, I know I have, so let's turn in here, past the locked gate which isn't really locked. I have no idea why there's a lock on it if you can just sail right past it. I dunno. Right, let's go, along the narrow path, avoiding the power lines and the muddy patches. Tired person calls STOPPPPPP, okay?

I love the peace and quiet out here, the birds are singing, the sky is bright with clouds and I actually feel quite chilled out for a change. It's nice to stretch the muscles, feel the pull of the hamstrings as my feet hit the earth repeatedly and in rhythm, to breathe in the cool spring air. One day I shall take you on the mega walk - a full mile that will take us through a beautiful secluded wood. Whenever I walk through it I feel the magic running through the trees and the brushing of the branches in motion against the wind. And then, only then, do I realise that I'm alive, and that I'm grateful to be. You should come with me. It would be lovely.


Nearly there, one final leg to go... as we turn into the quiet bit of woodland before making it home, it's all a bit dark and mysterious along this part, the ground is covered in old twigs and bark and please, oh, please, mind the roots and stumps that litter the ground carelessly, okay? Wait a second, do you hear that? On the right, by the boundary? Another squirrel? Aaaaaah, bless, eating a nut! See? Oh, man this is awesome. I love squirrels but I have a feeling they don't love me so much for walking in on their business, eating, playing, fighting...

I see daylight ahead, it must mean our walk is very nearly done now. Well, I've enjoyed it, and I hope you have, too. Same time tomorrow? I'm up for it if you are.


Wednesday Words is my new attempt at writing a little bit every Wednesday, documenting untold stories from my life and some of my own personal embarrassing moments.

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