Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Wednesday Words: Finding The Magic

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In between blogging, living life, eating food and taking photos I do a lot of reading other people's blogs. I mostly love blogs which cover fashion (but not the really expensive stuff, I love reading blogs by the down to earth girls who enjoy a bit of visiting charity shops and mixing it with high street clothes - I always admire these bloggers and keep meaning to attempt a charity shop/car boot sale for beautiful vintage pieces but then remember my fear of old things and dust and that in itself makes me stop dead in my tracks - please don't judge me, I'm like this every year getting the Christmas decorations out of the attic!), as well as blogs about food (oh, food, you complete me, but I'm quite good at making a mess, and don't mention the time I almost killed the microwave by wrapping a jacket potato in foil and then putting it in to cook - I WAS EIGHT YEARS OLD, OKAY?), beauty products (I don't actually wear makeup much either but I enjoy reading about it), and crafty projects (two words: that mobile) - I'm not a nosy person by any means but it's fun to read about what other people get up to in the world and seeing what makes them happy. It's just me that I'm worried about!

You see, throughout my life I've struggled to find that one perfect activity, that one perfect hobby, that I enjoy and am actually quite good at. I've tried quite a few things, from attending Brownies and Guides as a child (and quitting because I didn't want to take part in a big event in the local town, stubborn as I was), trying out a choir (and quitting because I couldn't quite hit all the notes), having a go at making jewellery (and gave up after struggling to thread seed beads), and attempting making and selling Hama necklaces (then realising that it didn't quite look sellable, oh dear) - I was starting to wonder if I was destined for the pile marked Boring, while watching my friends and family excel in their favourite hobbies and being able to enthuse confidently about it. One day, I thought, that will be me.

Not so long ago (about three years, in fact) I began to take an interest in my camera again. When I was a very young girl one of my favourite Christmas presents was a blue, plastic, kidproof Fisher Price film camera with handles, and I always remember how excited I was taking photos of my grandparents and the Christmas tree and the living room. I used an entire roll of film in two days and was pretty eager to see them developed - I loved the process of taking photos and waiting for them to come back. I invested in a small digital camera which swallowed batteries by the dozen and enjoyed using it every now and again.

It was only in 2010 when I decided to start my Project 365, taking one photo a day for a whole year. It was hard, it was often fairly difficult to find inspiration, and one day I almost forgot altogether until I realised at 10pm at night - but what it gave me was a passion beyond measure. I found myself stepping up my game and purchasing a DSLR, which at first I found a bizarre and beguiling experience (note to any new DSLR user: never use the camera in Manual unless you know what you're doing) but as the internet and books taught me how to use it, my confidence grew. And soon I was that girl chatting endlessly about cameras and Photoshop and lenses to as many people as possible! Okay, so I still have loads to learn, of shutter speeds and using the camera on full manual and getting the best, most flattering natural light in my photographs, but photography has fulfilled me in so many ways. You won't find me without some form of image capturing tool in my hand (or handbag) - and you won't find me without photography in my life.

Now I totally understand the magic that fellow bloggers can see - the magic in a detail on a dress or the colour palette used to create a makeup look. Beauty totally is in the eye of the beholder. Or the blogger. Or yourself. I guess the only way you can really find the magic is to explore, to experiment, and most of all, to be yourself. It's the only way.

Wednesday Words is my new attempt at writing a little bit every Wednesday, documenting untold stories from my life and some of my own personal embarrassing moments.

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