Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday Read: Amy Green: Boy Trouble, by Sarah Webb


Where have I been lately with my Sunday Reads?! Well, I've not been particularly reading of sorts and sometimes when you get that feeling that it's just not working it's better leaving it for a while then coming back to it. So here I am, again, with another old favourite of mine which I know you'll love.

I read this book well over... two years ago, I think? I'd been looking for some new authors to read and stumbled across this title while checking out a selection of proof books to choose from. After reading the description I just knew I had to read it.

Amy Green is a teenager living in Ireland with her Mum, her stepdad Dave (who she doesn't particularly get on with), and her adorably naughty step brother and sister - Alex and Evie. Amy's seventeen year old Aunt Clover (I said seventeen - really!) is one of Amy's best friends and her partner in crime. She's slightly insane in the best way possible, amazing at putting on accents and getting out of sticky situations! When Clover lands herself a job as an Agony Aunt at The Goss, a magazine for teenage girls, she enlists Amy to help answer her letters... and in true fairy godmother stylee, Clover and Amy decide to help the girls in person, which makes for fantastic feel good reading.

We join Amy as she grows up through the more difficult and personal parts of being a teenage girl - the issue of dealing with her best mate Mills, who desperately tries to follow the in crowd (the D4s - all fake tans, bleached hair, Ugg boots and bad, BAD attitudes), growing up (and bemoaning the lack of boobs), meeting a new boy who Amy might, just might, quite fancy (and who has a few personal problems at home, too) and railing against the changes in her home life since her Mum and Dad decided to get a divorce when she was eight years old (and her Mum's new boyfriend moved in several years later) - all universal themes which most of us can relate to.

This book totally made me wish I had a kickass Aunt called Clover, who proves to be a wise sounding board for Amy's worries - what I love about the book is that it deals with real problems, the sort that would definitely occur in those awkward years growing up - I know if I was that age again and this book was around I would definitely find comfort in it - the problems are dealt with in a way that isn't preachy or overly sympathetic, and I love it. There is great humour to be found within the pages of Amy Green and by the end of the book I was desperate to read more. And, there was - this is book one of a set of six books (currently awaiting books five and six - excited? Oh yes I am!). I absolutely adored the brilliant witty writing, and would absolutely recommend this series of books to anyone.

You can buy the book here.

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