Saturday, 26 May 2012

Dress: Girl Meets Tripod Meets Self Timer Meets Leopard Print. Or Something.

Good god, I am so nervous doing this! It's not like me to be posting photos of myself all over the internet! Or is it? I'm not sure. Either way I'm nervous because I've never dipped my toes into the world of outfit posts, and I'm definitely not half as pretty as some of the other girls I follow on these fashion blogs. Or able to do that face. You know, THAT FACE. The one that suggests grace, and poise and calm. I just do happy. If I try the whole grace and poise and calm thing I look miserable, so I don't bother.

I wanted to have a go at this last weekend and then a killer migraine struck so I left it. You should have seen what I was wearing last weekend. It was filled with some of the key themes of today's outfit, that's what. I'll recreate it another weekend.

Now, on with the outfit posting show, eh?



Today I wore:

Green t-shirt, Long Tall Sally
Denim turnup shorts, Long Tall Sally (Sold Out, Last Season)
Studded bracelets, New Look (Sold Out, Last Season)
Sunglasses, Topshop (Sold Out)
Leopard print belt, Dorothy Perkins (Ha, also Sold Out, sensing a theme here!)
Leopard print Converse, Office

I needed something that was both suitable for today's weather and for a quick shopping trip for food. Normally I'd wear my Ugg Australia flipflops but to be fair, going food shopping in flip flops is just asking for someone to run over your toes with a trolley, right? I have had tons of near misses in the past and besides, I wanted to give my new kicks a test drive. No one would dare hurt my tootsies in Converse. Never. They're leopard print too. Leopard print, people! These shoes were the ones I'd dreamed of for a really, really long time, and had no luck finding them online. The last time I saw them was three years ago and at this point I had no chance whatsoever of putting my feet in shoes, let alone Converse. I still can't believe what happened to my foot (DVT), but it is a really good sign that I can wear Converse again. They're like slippers.

The shorts are exactly what I need in this gloriously hot weather - and teamed with a tucked in t-shirt and a leopard print belt (matching the shoes, naturally) it's a lightweight, easy to wear outfit that is suitable for both a lazy day in the garden and a busy day out shopping. To add a bit of interest I wore the studded bracelets. It boosts the fierceness a bit.

You will be more than surprised to know I did all of the photos myself with a self timer, a tripod and not a lot of patience. You won't be surprised to know there were loads of outtakes!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my first outfit post. There may well be more...

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