Thursday, 31 May 2012

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt - May

Hello all! It's been a busy, quick May. Can't quite believe it's June tomorrow either. I'm still convinced it's April in my head. I enjoyed this month's CPSH however it's not quite like you'd expect it to be, as I live out in the sticks! So I took a few creative liberties with this month... ¬_¬

Something I (helped) Make

Something I (Helped) Make: I did some babysitting earlier this month so we got out in the garden and I helped create a self portrait out of stones. Well, when I say help, I helped find the stones and took a photo...


Inspiration: This is so boring, but my laptop. It means I get to go outside and soak up the sun while I work, and of course it means I get to blog.

Urban (!)

Urban: HA! I don't live anywhere urban but I do live in suburbia. A rural suburbia, if you will, where the sheep come and have midnight raves on our road... so here is a view I see from my bedroom window every day. It always looks so peaceful!


Transport: Well, my brother collects Transformers toys and has a little display of them in car mode on his shelf. There's also a vintage Coca Cola lorry as well in there somewhere, too.


Grafitti: Um. I didn't see this one on my travels. I did it myself, in my Walls Notebook. The sentiment is exactly what I'd love to see on my travels though.

Well, it's a short but sweet one this month, and I do promise I'll do better next month, so enjoy folks, and see you next month!

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