Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday Read: My Milk Toof - The Adventures Of ickle And Lardee by Inhae Lee





I'm doing a different kind of book review this Sunday - more picture-based, as this is a very picture-based book. I absolutely love it though, and here's why.

I stumbled upon My Milk Toof last year while perusing the Blogger Blogs Of Note, and I'm so glad I followed it - it's a fantastically photographed blog filled with stories about two little milk teef called ickle and Lardee living in their owner's beautiful airy apartment. Each story is written and photographed with such great humour and imagination and it's easy to forget their size as you get lost in their little world. As someone who thrives on spotting tiny details it's my idea of heaven! Sick Lardee, which is a story about poor old Lardee with the flu, is one of my favourites, it is so well done and must have taken a really long time!

The book is a selection of twelve stories, some from the blog, and some new ones I've not seen before. It starts with us meeting ickle for the first time, and then meeting Lardee, who is a toof of very little words, but is funny all the same. I absolutely loved this book as it's easy to read, and full of gorgeous, well lit photography. And by far, the storytelling is superb and you will fall utterly in love with ickle and Lardee. I loved it!

You can buy the book here.

And if you want to see more hilarious, cute tales from My Milk Toof, their blog is here.

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