Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday Read: Chocolate SOS by Sue Limb


I have literally just finished reading this week's book and so decided to review it straight away! Since I tend to read a lot of books in series (and this one is no exception, oops) you'll be pleased to know this one is also part of a series. But... it can also stand alone on its' own. Very, very well. I have followed Jess Jordan ever since Chaming But Insane and can admit that the second book in the series, Absolute Torture is actually my go to book whenever I feel really poorly! I can read that bad boy in about three hours and come away crying at the right parts (um, yeah, being ill makes me hormonal, I know) and cooing over some of the more romantic moments.

Jess Jordan was seeing her beloved boyfriend, the slightly shy and self deprecating Fred when, whilst organising a charity event, he decided to pull out at the last minute, leaving Jess to do it alone. Jess, of course, is as just as bad at organising things as he is, so it took a lot of help from her friends and family to really get it off the ground. And, to top it off, when Jess is hosting the event Fred then decides to show up and completely ruin her hosting routine. Which everyone finds absolutely hilarious. Jess, humilated, dumps Fred. But is it the right move for her?

Not only has her dad moved back from Cornwall after splitting from his boyfriend and has taken over her bedroom, her mum has split from her boyfriend after he decided to chase after his ex, her best mate Flora's mum and dad are also going through a rough patch with their finances too. Which makes for a seriously tough time in Jess Jordan land! To add further insult to injury, Jodie, Jess's sort-of friend who is annoying beyond belief, is trying her hardest to cosy up to Fred in front of Jess. But is Jess going to make it out of this difficult time dealing with her split with Fred, and all of her family and friends' problems, too? And who's moved next door?

Although this book took a while to really get going, the same off the wall humour recognisable from the Jess Jordan series (starting from Charming But Insane) is present and still funny. As we've not heard much from Jess in a while it took a while to remember what happened in the previous book! However there were tons of brilliant moments which were both genius and cringey at the same time. Pretending to be your mum on the phone to a very worried classmate's Mum discussing surgery had to top the list and I was both laughing and shrieking "Nooooooo!" at the same time.

However on a more serious note the subject of love and breaking up was dealt with so well - I really felt Jess made the right decision in the end. I would have liked to have seen more of her slightly scatty dad (although I can't believe he was dumped by Phil though, I'm still shocked and would have liked to have known more about what happened) and focussed more on her hilarious nan, who is a bit obsessed with murder mysteries and death. And of course, the plot is completely left open for another book. (There is: Party Disaster is released in June.) So this book was a really, really good read and I'd fully recommend it. I can't wait for the next one!

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