Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Read: Candypop: Candy & The Broken Biscuits, by Lauren Laverne

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And again, I forget the photo of the actual book so I used a really old photo from 2010 BDSLR (before DSLR). I really should be also doing my CPSH this afternoon (newcomers to my blog may be thinking "What on earth are you on about, Awesome Lady?" - it's a photo scavenger hunt which myself and a couple of friends take part in once a month, and it's fun!) and redesigning the blog. It's getting one huge overhaul, people! If I can work the coding out, that is. Ah, the life of a female coding geek.

Anyway, random aside, um, aside, today's book is one I read a while ago and decided it needed reviewing as I have desperate urges to read it all again (and I think I will) - I seriously enjoyed it.

The book is about a teenage girl called Candy Caine, who lives in a small house backing onto a hair salon with her Mum. Mum's seeing a seriously boring bloke who she's planning to marry, and Candy is less than thrilled about it. There's Candy's best mate Holly, aka Pirate, who is a bit crazy, and the hot boy who works in the local cafe/record shop who might be interested in Candy. When Candy's Mum and her future step father give her an old battered electric guitar as a present for being so understanding about their upcoming nuptials, Candy feels really let down - it looks awful. Then she tries it out. And has the biggest surprise of her life: a tiny flying rock star appears out of the guitar promising to change her life! Is this for real?! (the tiny flying rock star definitely is) With Candy and Pirate's plan to start a band, this could be the start of something truly beautiful.

I utterly loved Candy Pop - from the first chapter which starts with Candy and Pirate bunking off school and heading for the local seaside pier in funky sunglasses and checking out old costume shops, to the last, truly brilliant chapter in which all the story is tied up neatly. The characters are well realised and well described, and although you'd never really encounter a tiny flying rock star promising fame and fortune, it's still a fun, glittery romp to the finish line, taking in the funny and painful parts of teenage life - I could almost describe this as an indie rock fairy tale! I'm now awaiting that sequel.

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