Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday Reads: The Look by Sophia Bennett

In bed feeling sorry for myself. I don't even feel like reading.

I have a huge confession to make - I've not been reading much any more. In January I gave up buying magazines every week (I'd only buy Look but got really bored by it - I'd only skim read it once as well, which is such a waste of nearly £2!) and that helped tremendously - but I needed that in order to get back into reading books again. So when The Look by Sophia Bennett came out I knew I had to read it. If you've read the Threads series, about a group of friends helping a young girl become a fashion designer, you'll know Sophia's writing is fresh, witty and fun to read as well as dealing with serious stuff in an honest way.

After the Threads series reached its' conclusion I was desperately hoping to read more by Sophia Bennett and my prayers were answered with The Look! Still in the fashion vein, this book is about a fifteen year old girl called Ted Trout, who is spotted by a modelling agency while out busking with her sister, Ava. At the same time Ava becomes seriously ill. It's up to Ted to juggle the possibility of becoming a model while taking care of her sister and making some huge decisions in the process.

I loved this book - I knew once I started reading this book that I recognised Sophia's style of writing, fast-paced, funny, and effortlessly cool. I absolutely love the strong sisterly relationship that develops throughout the book between Ted and Ava. I also loved her dad who wasn't particularly the best at using a washing machine or fixing things! I will say that this book is ideal for teenagers aged thirteen and over, as there are no real 'heavy' scenes in the book to worry about. However this book will most probably make you cry! I had a moment reading this book where I got to about halfway through and was so choked up with tears I had to metaphorically stick the book in the freezer (Like Joey in Friends, with Little Women) and give it a few days before I picked it up again! That aside, the writing is superb and a real breath of fresh air. This book is about a lot of things: sisters, family, illness, boys and growing up, and I truly enjoyed it. It's ace. I fully recommend it to anyone of any age.

You can find this book on Amazon.

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