Sunday, 4 March 2012

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt - February Faves

Hello everyone and here are this month's favourites! Emma at The Gift Shed is hosting this month's categories so come check them out here.

I really enjoyed seeing everyone's entries, so here's some of my favourites!

Something I Made - I loved the pretty necklace Ruth at The Goldhawk Project made, the colours are just stunning!

Inspiration - Jeneveve at Timballoo took a photo of Salisbury Cathedral - it looks lovely and sunny there, and the light flare at the top is so pretty.

Found - Ruth at The Goldhawk Project found a cute toy pony standing on a wall, during a walk - it really made me smile!

Leap - Emma at The Gift Shed took a photo of her wooden dummy having a jump. I love this - especially the backdrop of the sea!

Motif: Leaves - Emma at The Gift Shed took a pic of some fern leaves in her garden. These remind me loads of my childhood - mostly because we used to see these all the time on walks in the woods!

Hope you enjoyed this month's CPSH - and I can't wait to take part in next month's! Thanks to Emma for allowing me to host these past two months, it's really been great fun. Until next time!

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