Thursday, 1 March 2012

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt - February 2012

Hello and welcome to February's CPSH! I'd like to thank everyone who has taken part with me this month, I can't wait to read everyone's entries!

Joining us this month is:

Emma at The Gift Shed
Ruth at The Goldhawk Project
Jeneveve at Timballoo
Emily at Ready For An Adventure?
Nicole at

I think that's everyone - do let me know if you took part below and I'll add you to the list!

Here's my CPSH for this month!


Something I Made - Cake pops! I made these twice. Firstly as a trial run to see how it worked, and a second version as part of a bake off I took part in for work - it went down really well! I don't know if I've won yet but it was fun!


Inspiration - this is my Walbum. It holds about thirty photos, and is double sided. It fell off about six months ago (held up with blu tack) and I never got around to putting it up with proper hooks until this weekend. Now I have, my room feels complete again. And I feel inspired.

IMG_3764 (2)b

Found - Erm. Well, instead of what I was hoping to find on my travels (something old and abandoned during a walk maybe, I don't know), I ended up picking up a new pair of boots, something I didn't quite expect to find on a quiet weekend, but it found me instead. And, it was £17.50 instead of £35, so I can't complain there.


Leap! - After yesterday's leap year migraine I found the time to wrap up really warm and quickly snap the moon. I love my new zoom lens. I still need to play with it to really pick up the detail on the moon - but I love it!


Motif: Leaf - Here's my charm bracelet, and the main charm is a leaf. I chose it because of the location I live, which is hugely rural, and as I've been here all my life I thought a leaf would be perfect!

That's me done for this month, thank you for staying with me for the past two months! I shall be picking favourites on the weekend so feel free to check back over the weekend. Emma at The Gift Shed is guest hosting for March so come and see the new topics here. Most importantly, thanks for taking part and I can't wait to see your entries!

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