Sunday, 8 January 2012

Photo Love: January's Bright, Sparkly Banner

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This is incredibly late this month, well it is for me anyway! I've had some peppermint tea and I'm going to devote a bit of time to this month's Photo Love. It feels weird now it's January. The decorations are gone, the festive food has mostly been eaten and I spotted Mini Eggs being sold in the shops yesterday. And life is going on pretty normally which I admit I'm struggling with just a teeny bit. I miss lie ins and freedom! I think most people are to be fair...

But with a new year comes new things and stuff that's been firmly lodged in the 'next year' category is now in the 'this year' category. And one of the new things is my new banner!

I feel festive

These hair bows have made a blog appearance before and I'm not ashamed to post it twice! They're from Beauxoxo and I'm officially obsessed with them. The top shade is Peacock which is a lovely blue and green glitter, and the bottom shade is Midnight Black which is black and silver. Needless to say these bad boys go with everything, look magnificent and are very me. I like a bit of sparkle...


The mug also appears in a previous blog post... I just can't help enjoying a nice cup of peppermint or valerian tea, the latter I have before bedtime. I think I chose this picture because it's very cosy and relaxing.

Spinning sweets

Spinning Sweets - again, another CPSH photo, chosen because the colours are bright and refreshing. Plus, it reminds me I still have that final tin of Quality Street left to eat, which I'll do, slowly and in my own time. I might just be a tiny bit fed up of the sight of festive chocolates now but on the other hand I find it weird that it's not around in the shops... oh well!

And that's my Photo Love for this month.

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