Saturday, 28 January 2012

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt - January 2012

Hi everyone, and welcome to this month's CPSH! It's nice to have a mix of new and familiar faces joining us this month, here are the lovely bloggers taking part with a link to their blogs:

Emma at The Gift Shed
Sally at Diario
Janey at Cupid's Bow
Nicole at
Starla at Starla, Dear
Jeneveve at Timbaloo
Rachel at The Magpie's Daughter
Ruth at The Goldhawk Project

I can't wait to see everyone's entries, for now, here's what I've done this month!


Something I Made - My iPod had a bad accident, and it devastated me. It actually made me cry and everything. I think it's because I really look after what I have, and I'm not really one for buying things, contrary to what you might see on my blog, the idea of spending money makes me pull a worried face! This was a big purchase for me, and it went within seconds. I keep thinking had I turned quicker I could have caught it, but alas, it didn't happen. So, in the spirit of craftiness, I made it a sad face out of a Post-it Note. Today's visit to the repair people cannot come quick enough!


Inspiration - I went for a nice long walk in our local woods on Sunday and really enjoyed it. It's amazing living within such close proximity to the woods, you would think that being so close would mean I'd visit it more often, but I don't, which is silly. I'm resolving to change all of that though. Anyway, in the woods I saw these interesting dirt tracks. I'm inspired by the pattern they make, and the mess!


Outdoors - Talking of the woods, I love looking up at the leaves and watching them move around in the wind!


Details - I have a new fleece which I love, and I know a fleece isn't the most attractive item of clothing in the world, but it helps me a great deal in the winter. I like the zip - I did strain a little to try and read the lettering on it, and trying to get a decent shot of it, but it's the little things I enjoy searching for!

Horse hoof

Motif: Animal - Another thing I found in the woods - a hoof! Makes me wonder just how many different people and animals come here for a stroll.

That's my lot for this month, I will be back in the next few days with a selection of favourite pictures from each category - and next month's CPSH categories! Once you've posted your entry, please could you paste a link in the comments with your entry so I can have a look? Thanks in advance! xxx

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