Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Photo Love - December 2011 banner

Wow, December already?! I can't believe it, not at all. It's incredible when you think about it, how fast time goes. The stuff that's gone on in my personal life over the course of a year has been immense - tons of things ending, new things beginning and old stuff put to rest. Finally. I started this blog after being in a really bad place. I needed that little something in my life to help me through the rough patch. And look where I am now! This is the first blog I've ever started that's lasted past a month! However, keeping this blog of my Daily Snaps, Adventures and other amazing little things I've got up to over the course of nine months has kept me focussed, it's brought me the joy of other amazing little blogs (and big blogs) to read and I've had fantastic readers drop in and leave me comments which I've really appreciated - so if anything, I am thankful. Truly thankful. And this is just the beginning. Honest.

Now, without further ado, here's my Photo Love for this month:


Holly - One of the very first things I ever took with my DSLR. I purchased it in October 2010 (don't worry, I wished it happy birthday in October) and we have been inseparable ever since. In fact, on the weekend I attended a wedding and took a compact camera with me. I really regret it, not that the day wasn't perfect (it was amazing), but when it came to viewing the pictures afterwards I was dreadfully disappointed, there was none of the fine tuned control I'm used to, and although the idea of aperture first scared me, we're the best of mates now! I don't know where I'd be without my DSLR. It has changed everything. I love this photo and wheel it out whenever someone mentions the word Christmas. It graced all of my gift tags last year... don't say I don't know about self promotion, eh?


Ah, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. I admit to being the biggest Scrooge in existence, and I am. It's not that I don't love the festive season, the time off, the possibility of snow, the food and spending time with family, it's just the Christmas music played on a loop that I'm not a fan of! Aside from that little moan, I haven't really had very many advent calendars in my short life, because when I was younger I decided to open all the doors and eat all the things on day two. My Mum decided it was a bad idea to let me have one again the next year. The past three years, now I'm older and have more self control, I've had an advent calendar. Last year was a Dairy Milk one. And I really got excited by the door which said Nine Sleeps To Go. Sadly I've forgotten to purchase myself a calendar this time but I'm hoping to pick up a proper advent calendar I can refill every year. It's been my dream for a very long time! I've got my eye on this one.


At home we're a very minimalistic bunch who don't really go much for ornaments or chintz - we're a thoroughly modern family who live for clean lines, tidy rooms, neutral colours and silver. Although I veer on the funky side of design with a hint of vintage and Cath Kidston, every year our tree is simple, bright and... silver. And I truly like it that way. We have a fabulous mix of shiny and matte silver baubles, silver tinsel and plain white lights. And, last year, this was one of the very first things I took with my 50mm lens. We had a lovely Sunday afternoon, putting the tree together. I actually didn't feel half as Scrooge-y that day!

This month I am hoping to try and post a heck of a lot more over the coming weeks - I feel as if I've not been around as much with original written content despite posting once a day, every day! But this will change. And as always, I love hearing from my readers - you are my reason for writing my blog, and thank you.

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