Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt: December 2011

December has gone way too fast! I can't quite believe another year is very nearly over, and Christmas is done. I'll post a bit more about Christmas later on, as it was fantastic. But, here's my monthly CPSH, hope you enjoy!


Something I Made: Early December, I had a serious urge for biscuits - both chocolate and lemon ones, simultaneously. That's good, isn't it? So I ended up making my most favourite chocolate biscuits ever (I will blog this at some point, it's an invented recipe from a friend which deserves documenting) and some citrus butter cookies - I used the wrong flour (should have been plain) and they came out like fluffy biscuit, like the type you find served alongside Popcorn Chicken in the KFC we visited on holiday in New York a few years ago! (it's true - it's like a cheesy scone, but instead of chips with your chicken in KFC in New York, you're served biscuit instead - different but tasty) - it cured my craving, I can still smell the citrussy scent in our kitchen now and a proper lemon zester is now on my shopping list!


Inspiration: A friend of ours gave us a massive bunch of flowers for Christmas, and I just love them! They inspire me because they're bright, have beautiful shapes and variation of textures and they make me feel cheery. I've really missed the lack of sunlight this winter, I've barely had time outside of the house with my camera and I've had the feeling some of my Daily Snaps have been really dull and lacking in the bright, cheery colours I love. I resolve to change all that. I really do.


Motifs - Geometric: I feel so daft saying this but I had to use trusty Wikipedia to help me out on this one. So, using one of my dandy new Cath Kidston mugs I received for Christmas (if you're a regular to my blog you might note this is number four in my collection now) - and I think we might have had star motifs before but a star is still a geometric shape - here's my take on a geometric motif. I think I'm way off the mark here, but it's worth a shot! Oh, and in a bonus addition, look for the hexagonal bokeh in the background too! Clever, eh?

Silver twigs

Festive: Here's a faithful decoration which stays with us, year after year, our silver twigs. They keep guard either side of our mantelpiece and are a bit sparkly! There's not much you can really say about silver twigs but they're pretty and are a huge part of our silver themed decorations.

Quality Street

Colour: I don't know many people who don't have these, not especially at this time of year! We've pretty much finished our tin of Celebrations so we're now on the Quality Street. I love Quality Street although I'm not the biggest fan of the strawberry or orange cremes. But it's the same with Celebrations (Mars, Milky Way and Twix, I'm looking at you, especially the Twix - since they took out the Galaxy truffles and replaced them...), Roses (I don't like them at all, by the way) or Heroes. Variety is the spice of life, after all! The reason why I've chosen this is because of the sweet wrappers, they're so bright and colourful, and given the time of year it was pretty easy to come by.

This happened during the making of the photo, I do love a bit of kinetic photography and it really adds to the theme of bright colours:

Spinning sweets

And that's another month of CPSH done and dusted - I look forward to reading the other entries shortly!

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