Saturday, 31 December 2011

Adventures: What 2011 meant to me


I look at the boots above and think, wow, I really could just snuggle into these right now and fall asleep on my sofa under a blanket. Alas, I'm not going to, not just yet anyway, but I've been in a fairly busy period today just getting things organised for another year ahead - and I think it's going to be a productive one!

Harbour Doors

What has 2011 meant for me? Well, a lot happened to be fair. I went through a fairly turbulent and rocky period in my life which I really hope not to repeat. Something which came from this rocky period, as I might have mentioned before, is this blog! At first I didn't know what to do with it, as you might spot if you read through the archives, but I'm starting to find its niche - it's what I think is a part photography, part travel, part crafty blog. I'm proud of this blog because I've kept it going, and I've found readers and friends through it - and I've found other amazing blogs which I have truly enjoyed reading.


I've travelled quite a lot this year - I've been on holiday no less than three times to the place I'm pretty sure is my spiritual home! I've sat behind the wheel of a pink Cadillac. I've had a chauffeur driven trip around town in a camper van. I've laughed, and laughed, and walked for miles and discovered new places, and new people. I've gained my sea legs and met seals and travelled through ancient caves.

Clive, the seal

I've been shopping quite a fair bit... which isn't a bad thing, really. I've made friends with my iMac and made peace with my living space. I have realised the true meaning of the phrase "nothing goes by you that's for you," regaining something I thought I had previously lost for good.


I think for me although this year has been utter carnage at times, the highlights, which were mostly fairly small, more than made up for it. I'm beginning to think that the little moments in life add up to something a bit bigger than I'll ever imagine, and if one day I manage to achieve all my goals and dreams that will be something.

Lucky birds

For 2012 I hope this blog will still continue to run with my random photography, travel and crafty endeavours and that I continue to have fab readers who pop by to have a look! In my personal life so far I have a fair bit planned - a to do list as big as my arm, mostly with home improvements and things I need to buy to fill my wardrobe (!) - but you can never truly plan anything, and I guess that is the beauty of life!

Pink Toes

So, with this in mind, I hope that the upcoming year is peaceful, positive and filled with good health and happy memories. For all of us.

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