Sunday, 11 December 2011

Adventures: Tree

Uh oh... it's that time of year again. Tomorrow will be just over two weeks to the big day itself. I admit it, aside from one present, and then wrapping stuff, I'm actually ahead this year. I'm a woman, okay? I know how to shop for my friends and family's Christmas presents. In the middle of October.


With trees though, it has to be the later the better for us. We usually put ours up the day Christmas break starts. Which means it will be next Saturday or possibly later, depending on what's happening! We also take it down by the 28th as well...


I think this is the first set of pictures I took with my 50mm lens. It arrived in December, along with a load of presents. I like multitasking. However, I just wasn't on the ball last year with ordering presents.


Like I said in this month's Photo Love post, everything is silver and minimal.

Oh, it's me!

Oh, look, it's me! This might be one of the only photos you see of me, mainly because I like being anonymous.


I utterly love bokeh. Make no mistake about it.

So... what are your tree plans for this year? Real or artificial? Colourful lights or plain? Fairy or star on the top? Let me know.

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