Monday, 31 October 2011

Pumpkins Through The Ages*

Happy Halloween!

2009. I bought a pumpkin and turned it into a cat. Hence, Pumpkat.


My photography wasn't too amazing at the time but I was enthusiastic!

Halloween Mosaic

That was 2009. I decided to do my worst in 2010.

Yes, I am SCARY.

I went a bit spikey on the mouth but I really, really love making those realistic looking eyes. And leaving the pumpkin outside to guide trick or treaters to our door.







This year I had a bit of a vampire slash (see what I did there?) star craving so I made Starry McGory, a vampire with several star tattoos. I love what pretty reflections this pumpkin makes. Definitely incorporating stars again into next year's pumpkin!

* = ages, nah, 2009 onwards methinks.

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