Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Photo Love: November's Autumnal Banner

Moon over the sea

Today I am mostly posting my latest blog banner - I'm trying to do one a month, and if you want to get involved, of course, just click the Guest Art link on the left hand side. Easy! Anyway, this photo of the moon over the sea is one of my favourites and had to be featured in this month's banner. Simply because it was taken in Tenby, on an October's evening, watching the tide roll in and the moon rise over the sea. Simply magical. And to finish, we had fish and chips which made it even better. Yum.

Autumn Colours

I took this one last night! I know! It's going to form part of this month's CPSH but here's a sneak preview for now. See if you can guess which category it's going to be part of. I'm loving the colours and how the light refracts through the glass.

Floating Leaf

Finally, one of the very first photos I ever took with my DSLR. It's a total fluke shot and I'm still, to this day, very proud of it, especially when I didn't know what the term depth of field meant either. Awesome!

My CPSH will be here in the next few days. And maybe a few pumpkins, too. Stay tuned!

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