Saturday, 1 October 2011

New York Killer Brownies, Awesome Style


I mentioned during this month's CPSH post about my New York Killer Brownies which I made for a Come Dine With Me-style bake off a group of friends and I took part in. The theme was food based on a place or country. You have no idea how hard I wanted to present the group with Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodles, but I decided basing my recipe on New York, New York would be way more impressive (and more chocolatey!) - I scoured the internet and thought long and hard about what I loved about my visit to NY. And one of the highlights had to be Magnolia Bakery. If you ever plan on going to New York, it's a must. You'll be there queuing for roughly twenty minutes to an hour, but it's just incredible. The smell is something I will always remember - the sweet smell of cake mixed with an overwhelming scent of icing sugar... I need to go back there, and sharpish! I had a bottle of apple juice, two peanut butter sugar cookies and possibly the best chocolate brownie ever - dark chocolate with a white chocolate fudge frosting. Oh my days! It tasted fabulous. And from this I decided to make chocolate brownies.


And at the same time I also stumbled upon the Pioneer Woman's Killer Brownies, dubbed the "Knock You Naked" Brownies. Because they do. Not literally, but you know. They taste fabulous and if they had superhuman powers, they probably would.

Click here for the recipe.


I made them very close to the original recipe, but amended it to cater for a nut and dairy-free environment, so I skipped the pecans, evaporated milk, and melted butter and instead used four tablespoons of goat's milk to bind the dough together. Once I'd baked them at 190 degrees for close to ten minutes I spooned on some Carnation Dulche De Leche instead of melting together some caramels with evaporated milk. The thing is, you just can't get caramels in this country, and plus, melting toffee didn't work at all. I know, because I tried, in a trial run a week before!

Before double baking

Then I added the chocolate chips, and another run of chocolate cake mix dough - this time with four tablespoons of goat's milk to make the mixture more runny and easy to pour! You have no idea how hard it is once you've spooned on Dulche and chocolate chips.


Then I baked for a further ten minutes. It's done! My next task was to make bunting and arrange them on a cake stand.

Cake Stand


It was really easy, I just Googled New York related images, then used the Cookie Cutter tool on PSE, before finally putting all of the photos together in Microsoft Word and printing them on card several times. I cut them out and stuck them to a length of string, and voila, bunting!

I have to admit, the brownies looked the part, and tasted fab too. Try a sprinkle of icing sugar on top of each brownie which makes it taste even better.

I still don't know if I've won yet, but the competition is hotting up. Let the eating commence!

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