Sunday, 30 October 2011

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt - October 2011

Afternoon all! With tomorrow being the last day of October I thought I'd get my entry in now while I've got a free afternoon. October's been a funny month filled with surprises and pretty things (and a slightly fit to burst wardrobe) and it ends with Halloween tomorrow which is one of my favourite days of the year! It feels almost spiritual rather than scary - to me it symbolises the official end of autumn and the slow and golden decay of the leaves and fauna. It also feels hopeful too - even though things are fading away and ending now, it will be back and flourishing again in the spring. And that gives me the incentive to push through the winter.

Anyway, on with the show!


Inspiration - No, not the liquorice, although it was yummy and it did inspire me to take the photo. I love repeat patterns and finding them in natural occurances such as the inside of a bag of liquorice is a great pleasure of mine!

How To Be A Domestic Disgrace

Something I Made - Have you visited the brilliant website, How To Be A Domestic Disgrace yet? It's a hilarious blog about the misadventures of my friend Lise and her ever so slightly mischevious little boy, and I had the opportunity to help redesign her blog. All of the illustrations in the background were created by my fair hands, the clever and witty header image was originally by Lise but I added the text. All in all I'm very proud of it.


Motif - Spots. I love polka dots, and I'm wearing this dress to an event in a few weeks time. Only problem is that I don't have any shoes! I really need them in red patent and in UK size 8.5 but it's an impossible dream and it's never going to happen sadly despite my best efforts. I think I'm just going to wear boring black heels unless something else comes along but I really really want red shoes. Darn. If you do spot some fabulous shoes that might compliment this pattern in the meantime, even if they're not red (my mind's open to any suggestions), comment me up!

Creative Space

Creative Space - my crafty skills (photography and illustration) means that I can happily work anywhere with a table. Mostly the corner of my desk, but often I work on my sofa and on the bed! A lot of the photography I take with white backgrounds comes from my duvet cover and the fantastic natural light from my bedroom window. My dream is to have my own studio in a massive log cabin in my garden, which is an achievable dream at least, just need the funds...

Autumn Colours

Autumn - it's been a fabulous fall and particularly the colours were so well captured in my hallway window my camera was grabbed and this photo was taken. It's vibrant and I just love it.

And that's it for another month - see you in November! (not literally, I'm still going to blog, obviously, I meant for the next CPSH, d'oh!)

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