Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Room Tour I Forgot To Post

Ah, nuts. I knew I had something to blog about properly for a while but had totally forgotten what exactly it was until I looked on Flickr the other day and saw three rather disjointed photos I couldn't recall why I'd uploaded.


There's our Sir Billy-am William of Warmheart, chilling on my bed like the regal prince of awesome he is. Opposite him is my desk - it contains a glass of squash (I know right), and my two (yes two) alarm clocks. Well, mainly because I turn the alarm off on my lightbox and use it to wake me up with light and the second to actually wake me up. If I had both alarms going I'd be a very grumpy Awesome Lady...


Ya think?!


I have a noticeboard too which keeps my life (and a whole load of magnets) in order. You can't see my little mini whiteboard here, but I use it for appointments and stuff. I'm too organised.


Moving swiftly on... I have my Walbum stuffed with tons of beautiful photos I've taken. What I love about is it that you can swap it around to suit your mood. So I technically have two sides of photos. They're amazing and such a fab way to brighten a room!


I keep my books on this set of shelves. I also have an impressive collection of Bud ducks, too.


The blue one makes me laugh. He's all cross eyed!


And while I took photos, Will decided to try and hide from the camera. Not gonna work, mate. *click*


Here's my beloved book shelves. One of two. Well, this is the top shelf, anyway. I have another set of shelving in another room, and boxes in the attic. I am really quite alarmed at how many books I own. Mostly young adult and childrens books with a hint of cookery books and arty books like Wreck This Journal. Reading is brilliant.


And on my chair, a Pembrokeshire newspaper of fun things to do. This gives me a happy.


Another favourite feature of my room is the top of the wardrobe. While this is the home of my big box of finances, my other big box of birthday cards from age 18 onwards and all of my other cuddly toys it's also home to my shoe collection. Hello floral Keds.


And here's my jewellery box atop my beauty/random drawers (are random) set of drawers. It's purple, it does the job and it keeps my Tangle Teezer at a handy height in the mornings!

So that's me, with my room. Hope you liked it! What's your room like, and what's your favourite features?

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