Sunday, 4 September 2011

It's September, so that can only mean one thing!


Redesign time! I loved the old design of The Awesome Lady, but given that over the past month or so I've been hankering for a fresh redesign which will look more homely and more funky! I love purple, as you know, but I felt the little cameras looked a bit, well, like they'd been drawn by a child! I know I drew them, that's why I can happily say I wasn't a fan!

Also, the logo was knocked up in five minutes so I felt like it needed more love! The blog has a brand new colour scheme, a new logo made by yours truly over the course of a Saturday afternoon with a camera, some playing cards, and some Berols (and Photoshop) - I also created some new category labels and scanned them in. These will be touched up over the coming weeks as they're not quite done but will do for now!

I have a new category - Crafty! This is especially for Kirst's CPSH and for anything else I get up to craft-wise. I look forward to getting more into my crafty side over the coming months - winter is coming, after all!

Finally, the commenting section has changed! This means I can now respond properly to all of my commenters - don't worry, all previous comments have been restored so we can carry on the conversation.

There will be more over the coming months, but for now, welcome home!

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