Thursday, 29 September 2011

Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt - September

As our lovely Kirst is on holiday this month (lucky girl) I've decided to post mine now! It was a bit of a rush job this month but I did it and I had fun!


Something I Made - All of this, except the cake stand! A group of us had a Come Dine With Me style bake off so I made New York Killer Brownies. I even made cute New York themed bunting to go around the cake stand. I don't know if I've won yet (it's a two week competition split over ten days so loads to play for!) though, but I can only hope. The brownies were gorgeous. And I've enjoyed everyone else's entries so far too. And, as an extra treat, I will be blogging about the Killer Brownies in depth on the weekend. Yay!


Inspiration - My Berols. Anyone who went to school in England will automatically remember these and possibly get a bit misty eyed! I had to get a set, as they are pretty much the best felt tip pens money can buy, and they last! They inspire me to keep drawing and being creative.


Floral Motif - My Keds. I love these shoes! I want them in the navy blue but need to track them down first. I also have a floral Bud duck so it made sense he had a seat in the shoe...


Crafts On The Go - I drew some illustrations for Lise's website in the garden so here's my sketchbook on the patio.


Vintage - this is Paddington Bear, which belongs to my Mum, and is older than I am by about six or seven years! Then, years later, when I was a very small (and fairly rebellious) kid I found Paddington, discovered his little name tag in his pocket and attempted to write my name on it. This isn't the first time I've scribbled on other people's possessions. I scribbled a birthday cake in crayon on the underside of our old kitchen cabinet, scrawled over my Mum's Halifax book and numerous other places in the house. I was so naughty!

And that's this month's CPSH - can't wait to see everyone's entries!

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