Thursday, 4 August 2011

A Fashion Confessional...

L'Amour brooch

I have a massive confession to make: I love clothes, I love love love clothes, I love looking at them, feeling the material, thinking of outfits, but I am probably the most easy going person out there when it comes to clothes.

I like to just throw things on and go, and don't pay much thought to whether things match, just whether it's the easiest thing to find out of the wardrobe, and then chuck on the nearest pair of shoes off the top of my wardrobe without clonking myself on the head with a shoebox. It hasn't happened (yet, but there have been near misses), but I'm practising diving out of the way, just in case.

On The Line

That doesn't mean I'm a slob though and don't do colour co-ordination! (I'll touch on that later) I'm all about wearing basics and dressing them up. I'd hate to think I'm too feminine (which equals being overly high maintenance and I really, really hate that) but I'd also hate to think I really have no clue what I'm doing with fashion. Which is simply not true. I like to strike a balance between the two. I love a good dress as much as I adore a figure flattering pair of jeans and a fab fitted tee.

More jewellery

My biggest secret, however is my jewellery box. Whether it's a simple necklace or my favourite studded bracelet, I use jewellery to stop my outfits from getting too boring. Plus it means I have awesome one offs like the brilliant L'Amour brooch from Heidi Seeker, above. When it comes to necklaces I like quirky details, and long chains. I prefer silver over gold, although I'm starting to warm to gold a little now. I'm still looking for that perfect large bronze cut out swallow necklace, and one day it shall be mine. I love a nice funky ring (my favourite being a red bow ring which I scored from Accessorize for the bargain price of 90p!) and bracelets for me are a no brainer, although sometimes the more chunkier offerings makes typing a bit tricky.


I think jewellery is the one thing which can take a normal outfit from boring to brilliant fairly quickly. It can change the mood of an outfit from vintage and feminine to rock-y and attitude-laden. I've always been a bit of a quirky girl, so many of my jewellery pieces are weird and wonderful. One of my favourite pieces is a Dolly Mixtures bracelet made of plastercine from Punky Allsorts - it has extra meaning for me since I discovered it in Look magazine while I was seriously ill a few years back. I made it my little get well soon gift to myself, and I love wearing it on days when I just want to make a statement. It gets so many compliments and a few friends have asked for the website address. I love spreading the love.


Another favourite accessory of mine is a scarf! I have the world's largest collection of scarves, and can't stop buying them. My favourite scarf ever is a black and white printed scarf covered in peace symbols, hearts and the word 'love' - it's from Miss Selfridge. I wear it desert-style over a t-shirt and linens, and often with whatever I'm wearing for work. It gives it a real edge and the compliments I receive when wearing it are astounding! It's from several seasons ago and I've yet to meet anyone wearing the same scarf. Aces.

As for colour co-ordination - black is a great starting point for any outfit. If you add a little bit of colour to your outfit, whether that's a colourful tee or a bright belt, it will really help make it pop. I'm also a big believer in co-ordinating shoes to my outfit too. Nothing quite like wearing a pink t-shirt, black jeans and pink Converse. Something about that just looks classic and pulled together, rather than my standard trick of finding the first thing to hand and chucking it on!


Finally - I like being unique in my choices, and rather than following the street style crowd - which I can appreciate their choices and admit to liking elements of it - I dance to my own beat when it comes to clothes - if it makes you feel good, makes you feel confident and gives you a skip in your step, then that's all that really matters. As for fashionable influences, I take influence everywhere. I'm a details kind of person, but particularly love 1950s styles and 1990s kookiness! I could never pin influence down to any given celebrity, it wouldn't be fair on them. I like to exceed expectation.

I'm also writing this post for a purpose - the chance to win a spot blogging for the Look Show in September, which would be a fantastic, amazing opportunity for me! So apologies so far to the judges for listening to me wittering on about my take on fashion - however I know being a part of the front row blogging team would be great fun, I have a fantastic eye for clothes, and will probably spend most of the show either open mouthed or making notes or both. Plus as a tall girl over 6ft I would love to see more tall fashion featured and would relish the chance to demonstrate how the new styles featured during the show could work on us leggy lovelies! (also I've never been to a fashion show before... I'd like to make that a must do, please...) So please, pick me!

Now, if only I could find that elusive dressy kimono jacket in tall, I'd be a happy lady...

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