Monday, 29 August 2011

Adventures: A Thousand Words


This Bank Holiday was spent in Tenby again - the third time this year we've been, which is some sort of record! Albeit a rather fabulous one. The town, of course, was hugely busy, packed to the rafters with tourists, boats, fire engines and free buses.

Around the harbour I was mostly attracted to the old monuments dedicated to sailors, lobster baskets, hanging baskets stuffed with flowers, and basically just taking in the sights and (ever so slightly fishy!) smells of the area.


We went on another boat trip, but this time, instead of looking for seals we went for a cruise around the islands of Tenby - it was hugely enjoyable, until the boat almost capsized! The water suddenly became choppy and the boat rocked to the point of almost tipping over - which made most of the people on the boat with us were close to hysteria, including yours truly! In alternative methods of travel we had a buggy ride with a horse which was great fun.


One of my favourite parts of the holiday was the quiet moonlit journey to the beach, where we walked along, picked up pebbles and I went all poetic and read a letter to the sea! You might already remember it from my CPSH for August, but I really enjoyed it - I got all dramatic and no one else saw it. Fantastic.


I enjoyed my time in Tenby this year so much I would give my right arm to live there! One day, this will be a reality, and I will do anything to be there.

Till next time, Tenby, thank you.


  1. Gorgeous pics Rach. I particularly like the second from bottom set.


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