Monday, 1 August 2011

Adventures: All At Sea

I didn't want to include this with the main Adventures post on my holiday - but I did something simply amazing which simply deserved its own blog post. Whilst in Tenby town we saw a sign and decided to act upon it:

A seal safari! Yes - we were going to go on a boat trip looking for seals! It was hugely exciting - I have never seen seals in the flesh before, neither gone on a speedboat before either, which made it a must see event. We booked up and walked down to catch the boat at the beach.

Funnily enough, this wasn't the actual boat, neither was the one behind it either. We were just too excited and waiting for our boat to arrive!

Once safely on the boat after walking over a long ramp and being seated we had a prime view of the scenery. And before we knew it, we were off!

We saw this brave soul fishing in a slightly precarious position...

... and began speeding along the water with a startling amount of horsepower!

It was hugely exhilarating though - my adrenaline was pumping the entire time and I couldn't stop giggling!

We stopped to see some comorants perched on a hill. They have barely any oil content on their feathers so they have to flap their wings to dry themselves after a dip in the water.

The cliff was astoundingly pretty and made for a good photo op.

I know you're probably thinking, "Cut to the chase woman! I wanna see the seals!" - but there was so much in the way of birds and scenery that you couldn't not look on open mouthed in wonder.

Until now, of course! We had a double whammy of two seals who were happily swimming away, not in the slightest bit bothered about a boat load of camera-wielding tourists watching them!

And then there was Clive. Clive is a friendly chap who likes following the boat a lot, and as seals do, they enjoy climbing on cliff ledges with their lunch (usually fish) and eating it. This is one of Clive's favourite pastimes but unfortunately he forgets when the tide goes out and then finds himself 25ft in the air!

"Is this my best side?"

"I'm off now, see ya later..." (Click the seal pics to view all sizes on Flickr, you won't regret it!)

Another seal came to say hello as well, but unlike Clive he wasn't as forthcoming...

The scenery was absolutely stunningly beautiful, and it was so good to get another perspective of Tenby - the unseen islands which could only be reached by boat, and of course, plenty of seal friends and birds, too!

We decided the rocks looked a bit like faces.

One of our final sights of the day was the inside of a cave!

The inside was beautiful yet creepy. There were tons of molluscs stuck to the walls inside, too.

This provided a bit of natural light...

On the way back out of the cave we met some more friendly birds and some proper seagulls.

The type that won't nick your chips! They prefer a fish diet instead...

All in all, the whole journey was simply beautiful - I have so many memories of this journey, the seals, the scenery, the wildlife, the lighthouse at Caldey Island - I will never regret going on this boat trip. In fact, I want to do it all over again!

And I'd also like to travel everywhere by speedboat now.

Flickr set of more photos here.

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