Monday, 15 August 2011

Adventures: An Adventurer's Thoughts On Adventuring


(Do forgive the rather random pink bits on the photo, I have no idea where they came from, either)

Today I have mostly been adventuring. We decided just to go for a drive around the local area, for the hell of it, and it was so, so exciting! I admit I was more excited than should really be necessary, mainly because we set out to explore bits of the local area that we'd never seen before, but had heard about, and it was genuinely great fun.

It got me thinking, while we drove carefully around narrow and twisty country lanes, about my love of adventures. As a kid I've always been the sort to really explore things, even if it was reading the entire ingredients list of a box of Cornflakes, or exploring to the back of a coat cupboard, just in case there was a secret passageway to a mystical land. As I've got older, it's encouraged me to look deeply at my surroundings, and I admit this makes me look harder for the tinier details, like the tiny initials on a zip pull or the tall ceiling of a church or hall. And it's even made me somewhat of a Google queen - If anything, any information or details need looking for online, I'm your girl.

I find absolutely everything fascinating. I have no idea why or what for, but just being in the moment and seeing different places really keeps my brain ticking over, it keeps me fresh, it keeps me inspired. I wonder if this is my natural curiosity for life or something deeper? Is the spirit of exploring in my blood?

One of my dreams is to get a car and spend whole afternoons exploring my local area, getting lost, but eventually finding my way home. It sounds like a rather weird hobby but I know I'd enjoy it! I can never ever drive or walk past a junction, or street, not knowing what lurks beyond it without thinking, "You know, I really should explore there one day to find out what's there."

I think my natural curiosity for details and places really does show in my photography - as some of you have seen already looking at my Daily Snaps I am a big, big fan of details, if it interests me, you'll know about it! It's all too easy to get caught up in life and what's going on in your own little bubble without really looking outside of it and working out the finer details in the world around you. That's what I love about it. And I really want to be back out there now, looking. I truly enjoy looking.

So yes - exploring. I like exploring. There's nothing more to it, really.

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