Friday, 8 July 2011

Think Nice Things

Think Nice Things

I have a chalk heart noticeboard and I love it! I also bought it a selection of coloured chalks a while back so I can really have fun with it. I should really do a blog post on all the different messages this bad boy has had so far. It has had many.

Anyway, I felt like doing a blog post on inspirations and inspirational messages today. I felt like passing on the good stuff.

I've been a bit under the weather lately - this rain we've been having lately is so miserable. I miss sunshine, clouds and chilling in the garden. I thought it was meant to be summer, but like always, we can rely on the Great British Weather to change things. So I've been cheering myself up by reading books again. Whenever I feel a bit flat, or puzzled, or in need of a bit of random advice, I have two books which I turn to.

The collection

from left to right: Girlosophy The Oracle, Girlosophy The Love Survival Kit, both by Anthea Paul, and my little Paperchase notebook of Positives.

Girlosophy was written way back in 2001, and it started off with the Soul Survival Kit, then the Love Survival Kit, followed swiftly by The Oracle, and the Breakup Survival Kit. Since then there's been a book of Real Girls' Stories, a cookery book called Real Girls Eat, and a book especially for writing about life, and a guide to travelling, Girlo style. Crikey! Quite a lot of reading. I have all of these except for the later two, which needs remedying shortly, I think.

What I love about these books is that they encourage you to think deeply about your own life, and lessons learnt. Stuff which, if you don't really pay much attention to it, you'll never really get to grips with it until it's much too late. It's also so, so positive and cheery, and colourful. And so well designed, with beautiful photography within the pages.

Now, I tell people, I'm no hippy, but Girlosophy is just fabulous and I love it. It's exactly what you need if you've had a hard day, or you feel deflated, or you just want a bit of advice.

Talking of advice...

Girlosophy: The Oracle

(A lot of people wonder how I get such clear, white backgrounds on most of my photos. The trick is to have a nice big window with loads of natural light streaming through it, and a white duvet cover. True fact.)

The Oracle is one of the most used books on my shelf! It's just so brilliant. All you need to do is ask it a question, anything, such as "What do I need to know in order to solve my situation?" (I don't ask it out loud, by the way, I just think it) and flick through the pages. And get an answer.

Girlosophy: The Oracle

'Scuse me while I have a quick flick on that...

Girlosophy: The Oracle

Almost there!

Girlosophy: The Oracle

You get brilliant short answers like this in return for asking. And if you're not sure or if it's not relevant, you can always flick through again.

It's like a Magic 8 Ball, without the same three or four answers popping up again and again. Thinking of which, I always wanted one as a child but never bought one in the end. I prefer this as a more fruitful Magic 8 Ball, to be honest.

I really, really, recommend this book. It's helped me in so many ways with decisions and with things in my life which have cropped up. And it's bright, colourful and again, I just love it, there are no words.

Girlosophy: The Love Survival Kit

(slight camera shake taking this, oops!)

This is the second Girlosophy book in the series, the first focusses on life as a whole (everything from Beauty to Destiny) and the second is exclusively about Love. Aah. But not just about romantic love, either. It focuses on love as a whole, friendships, love of life, and love for just about everything. This book teaches you just how important love is. Even if you're single, love is still a huge deal. This is precisely the point that this book makes, as well as other amazing gems about relationships and creativity (which I really enjoyed reading, as it got me thinking about my love for photography and how it's changed me as a person). It really makes you think.

Girlosophy: The Love Survival Kit

And paragraphs like this just makes me smile. I loved reading this book, especially this page, which I was very taken with:

Girlosophy: The Love Survival Kit

I need to take up practising Random Acts Of Kindness again. I'm going to make it my mission.

Girlosophy can be found here and on Twitter too. Thank you for being awesome! (note: I'm not affiliated with Girlosophy in any way, but this is a standard message every time I do a review)

Finally, I started my own little project, whereby I write three amazing things I've done today, in a cute little notebook:

Positivity Notebook

I love this notebook, just like I love tea. Anyway, it's a fun thing to do at the end of the day, when it's time for bed. It's fun because it boosts your confidence, and it's great for people who don't really have time to keep a proper diary. Plus, since it focusses on positivity, that can only be a good thing if you're feeling a bit grumpy or sad. Instant mood booster, step right up!

So, that's my lot for now. See you shortly!

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  1. Loved your post. Chuffed I am :)
    Good to know Girlosophy is flowing out there in a positive way.... oh and thank you for following me on Twitter too.
    x Anthea Paul

    PS Don't be a stranger now!!


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