Thursday, 21 July 2011

One Thousand One Hundred Days


This afternoon I did a bit of printing, cutting and sticking. You see, back last year (last August to be precise, I started a Day Zero project list. The premise is simple: 101 things in 1001 days. And it can be anything you like, from simple things like going for a picnic to big things like Project 365 (hence my Daily Snap) - I found making a list surprisingly fun, yet hard! However, the website has tons upon tons of inspiration, and you can literally go back and improve or add/remove things as much as you like. Although once you've agreed on it, you really should stick to it. Or if it's quite big, you can always move it to the Someday section, you know, ready for that Someday you want to do something. Most of my travel related wishes are here.


Some of my goals are fairly simple ones, like going camping. Others, like watching a meteor shower, are going to take some planning. But I like getting down with nature. It's just one of those things which really fascinate me, and, without sounding like a hippy (I'm not a hippy), it makes me so chilled out.

That reminds me, I really need to get back into learning to drive.


Some dreams have already been achieved, hence why they're in red and strike through! Some dreams are ongoing, for example I'm still aiming to discover new music at least once a month (lately it's gone a bit pear shaped but I will catch up properly this month I think) - but altogether I think my Day Zero is one heck of a good motivator. It's inspiring me to think of new adventures and to grow in ways I never thought possible.


And this year, I may just dress as Lady Gaga for Halloween. Better start finding a whole lotta meat from somewhere.

Day Zero Project
Maybe you'd like to join me too? I'm here on Day Zero.

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