Thursday, 21 July 2011

Lomo Fisheye 20mm lens: A review (again, I think)

All together

For those of you who remember my wanderings with my 110mm telephoto Diana lens, I've got the next one for my collection: the Diana 20mm fisheye. I love fisheye photos. They're so much fun, and for a little circle you really can see an awful lot.

Again, I am using this on my Canon using the special Lomo lens converter. The lens comes complete with the appropriate lens caps, and a protective bag, and also a fisheye viewer which you can connect to your Diana F+ as and when needed. As I don't have a Diana I can't use it! It's fun to look through though.

Fisheye viewer

As with the previous lens, it fits onto the lens converter and works straight away in Av (aperture priority) mode - as it's a static lens the aperture will still remain at f/0.0, however if you adjust the ISO and exposure comp settings you should be able to make it darker or lighter. However, focus can only be achieved manually - in other words, standing in the right place at the right time!

Diana lens

The lens also has three different focal lengths too - Up Close, 1-2m and Infinity. The best way of working with it is to use it in the correct format - up close for macro and portraits, infinity for far away and 1-2m for anything else inbetween!

I was really, really impressed with the clarity of this lens, however, due to how I'm using the lens (on a DSLR), the APS-C sensor will cut off the fisheye effect, which I did find disappointing. However, there is still a slight fisheye effect on the photos, which is great. For example, things are just a teeny bit warped and bendy!

You can also see a bit of a lens flare in the top left hand side, which is what should really be the edge of the fisheye lens, but, alas, it's not meant to be!

Curvy window

Again - you can see the bend here as well. I do prefer this lens in comparison to the 110mm lens, as what I didn't realise before purchasing is that all the Lomo lenses in conjunction with a DSLR triplicate the focal lengths - so for this lens I have a focal length of 60mm instead of 20mm. Which I seriously don't mind, as the clarity is so much better than the fuzziness of the 110mm (which became a 330mm lens after all, and considering it's a plastic lens with no focus motor built in, things will be blurry and fuzzy - that's just how it is) - I really like this lens. It's like looking through binoculars!


Another favourite part of this lens for me is the bokeh element - you can see it in the flowers! I just love it. Okay, I still admit to being disappointed that the fisheye element got cut off - however it's still wonderful, and I really like the option of having a retro plastic lens effect to play with.

I now want the 38mm superwide lens... better start putting a wishlist together then!

Lomography Diana SLR website

(please note: again, I'm not affiliated with Lomography - I just like their cameras)

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