Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Heart of Chalk


At the end of January I purchased a chalkboard from The Gifted Penguin, and it's especially for my bedroom door! I initially intended for it to just say something like Welcome, on it but then I got carried away with song lyrics and messages and the like. It's a real talking point in my house! Mostly because people want to play with it and write their own messages. I've been recording each message with Instagram or my camera, mainly because I want to have something to show for each time I write on it.

Some times, I'll write on it when I'm angry. Other times I'll write on it when I'm happy. Or pacing the floor, waiting for the weekend.

Chalkboard 2

  • Vacacion was written at the start of a gloriously peaceful week off. I had a fabulous week, chilled out and just had a really good time. Just what you need when you've worked hard.
  • The sun was drawn because of the hot weather back in April.
  • I felt all teenager-y writing Whatever, but it had to be done.
  • Dizzy was written after a nasty bout of labyrinthitus!
  • Think Nice Things was featured previously, but I wrote it after feeling a bit moody and down in the dumps - I needed to brighten my mood somehow.
  • Song lyrics feature highly, too. VV Brown, Ugly Duckling and Cee-Lo Green are to blame for my earworms!
  • Oh, and Oh Hell Yeah, Friday! - that was totally self explanatory.

I find the trick to chalkboards is to be witty, fun, and mischievous - if you can get away with it, write it! Best of all, making them communal, and documenting the results is all part of a successful little project. And as for projects, I shall start documenting them here, too. Can't wait to get started. ;)

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