Sunday, 31 July 2011

Adventures: Sun, Sea, & Seafood


As you might remember, I mentioned not blogging for a few days! I'm back now after a fantastic, chilled out break in Tenby, Pembrokeshire - it was sorely needed, and I had plenty of laughs and loads of good food too.

After a fun roadtrip - there were plenty of laughs, cyclists and mixtapes - we arrived at our destination and had a spot of lunch. The town was absolutely buzzing! From pancake vendors, to hot dogs and ice cream vans, and a few squeaky monkey puppets being sold, there was a lot of people around in town which made for interesting browsing!

What I seriously love about Tenby is the littlest of details - from pubs stringing Union Jack bunting and flags from many different countries along their balconies to pretty window details like this one:

*sigh* Do want - Tenby is one of the prettiest pastel-coloured towns I know with the kitschest of details.

We went for a quick stroll along to our favourite spot on the hill and spotted a new addition to the town statue:

We went for our next adventure, which I will blog about very shortly (powered mostly by watermelon and apple fizzers, by the way!) - but as an aside, how can you feel grumpy or sad looking out at this view?

After our very exciting adventure, we spent more time walking about town, before settling down with a huge bar of mint Aero and a drink, looking out over the sea. We then went out for dinner at a local pub, which was gorgeous, and then went to watch the tide come in, at Saundersfoot bay:

The harbour had plenty of interesting sights, too.

It was very, very serene, and just lovely to relax watching boats, and the waves coming in.

With that said and done, the next day we came back to Saundersfoot for the day to do some more serious chilling out...

We had a walk along the bay, and I forgot just how deep sand can be. It was a good workout, that's for sure!


Someone drew their name in the sand, which I always love seeing, as I used to love making my mark on the beach as a child!

We had a sit down and chilled on deckchairs watching the sea. I almost fell asleep until a lady on a quad bike drove past us pulling an ice cream trailer along!



After grabbing a cheese sandwich, we sat and people watched for a bit - there were so many smiling faces, and people just soaking up the gorgeously hot weather. It was great. We went into the arcade, too and I was beaten at air hockey! Argh!


There was also a Welsh cakes stall for charity complete with a chap playing guitar, which we made sure to take full advantage of - Welsh cakes are so good. We also paid a visit to an old school sweet shop which sold most of the sweets from our respective childhoods (Traffic light lollies! Sherbet Dibdabs! Sugar mice!) and I even scored an Emma Bridgewater Union Jack cake tin which was really, really cool. And of course, I had to get a quarter of some watermelon and apple fizzers!



After dinner out in a seafood restaurant - fish and chips all round - we went back to the harbour for more boat watching. There were tons of fishermen all trying their luck with their fishing rods, and boats coming in to unload their catches for the day. We spotted a huge shoal of fish, just hanging out in the water. It was such a hot day that I realised I was burning up a treat! Oops. I had my own central heating system for the rest of the night and all throughout the next day, which was a teeny bit uncomfortable, but I had an ally in the form of Aloe Vera gel.

The next day we grabbed some lunch and left a bit early to beat the Saturday traffic, but it's fair to say this was a magical short break with some truly fabulous moments. I'll most definitely be back soon.

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