Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Adventures: A Lomography Week








On Twitter I mentioned how I loaded my fisheye with redscale negative film and started carrying it everywhere with me! Out of the thirty six exposures I took, twenty eight came out! Thirteen were clear, and the remainding fifteen photos were ghostly pale and underexposed - I think this roll of film was the best yet for me. More photos came out, and lessons learnt for me are to completely black out my room the best I can when loading/unloading film. Plus, sunlight. Plenty of sunlight. Lomography thrives on sunlight, or the next best thing - a flash.

Also, how hard is it getting hold of a decent photo processing place? I used Asda which is the only cheap place I know, however it's pretty difficult explaining that the camera format is fish eye. Last time I went to process my pictures they wrote "Fish islands," on my processing wallet. At least they remember each time to not change the colours on the photos, though. I know Boots still process photos but I think they're a bit more pricey, although potentially worth it. We'll see.

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