Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Why I haven't been posting much lately

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Sorry for not posting much lately, things really have been very busy for several reasons...

1. I finally got around to the final parts of my room rejuve - under the bed! Eeek! Actually, I surprised myself and it really wasn't too bad. I didn't junk barely anything except for two large ringbinders. I did find a lot more than I bargained for in the form of old, old CDs and my school leaver's book. And my Box O' Teen (a big box of stuff from my teenage years, natch). I feel like doing a whole blog post on the lot soon enough!

2. I also rediscovered my Nintendo Wii and connected it up again over the weekend, so I've been playing on the Wii Fit. After one session I developed a wicked Wii jogger's elbow which still hurts now. And today the Wii Fit lady had me doing stomach crunches on the floor. I think half the street heard me swearing and shouting at the Wii Fit lady, no matter how nice and calming her voice is, I found those exercises torture!

3. I also went for a very, very long walk (two hours long, to be precise) which also contributed to the overall achey effect. It was nice though, I gave my super duper running shoes a good breaking in (a bonus is that they really make your legs ache all over after wearing them, despite being super comfortable) and got plenty of fresh air. And I saw some lovely roses in someone's garden which was yesterday's Daily Snap pic!

4. I've got back on the weight loss wagon (well, almost) and so far it's not been too bad, although I haven't drank milk for nearly three days now and I miss it, so I'm having a big glass tonight. Because I can. No, in all seriousness though I've really been watching my food intake, and have finally found a Tesco sandwich without mayo which is nice and light (Light Choices Ham Salad, step right up) - yum!

5. I am coveting a pair of Toms espadrilles, and a maxi floral skirt and a lovely floral top from New Look tall. And let us not mention the carpenter style jeans from Long Tall Sally, or the light wash denim waistcoat, or... look, let's just say the majority of their new catalogue, okay? Hmm? I have serious fashion wanting going on and it's not looking good for my bank account. Oops.

So, that's why I haven't been posting much lately... but... I will be following this post up with more stuff lately, I promise.


The Awesome Lady xxx

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