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That Long Tall Sally thing...

LTS Purchases

I've been really naughty lately! I've been so hugely disappointed with New Look tall (great ideas, poor execution with fit and cheap materials) that I'm sticking to Long Tall Sally for the time being. They have loads of really pretty stuff in the high summer catalogue: admittedly, it's for more of an older female market (lots of focus on workwear, florals and clean lines) and not so much for younger, trend driven pieces! But I don't mind, I've always been a fan of clean lines and simple dressing - and stuff that fits! And if you spend a good hour drooling over the clothes when a new catalogue is delivered then you just know they're awesome.

I have bought rather a lot from LTS lately, and in the Polyvore set above I've detailed the entire lot!

I bought more black linens. I love their black linens. I ummed and ahhed over them for ages and ages, and then bought them. I wish I'd bought at least three more pairs, as they have now sold out in my size! They are the best casual/work trousers I have ever worn. They're soft, wide (meaning that my fat leg and knee fits comfortably without any issues) and so versatile. I can wear anything with them, a smart tunic, a cardigan, to a vest or tee, trainers or ballet flats, jewellery or no jewellery. I'm so gutted that they're sold out and hope they restock them soon - I'll be there buying as much as I can carry.

I also have a new raspberry boyfriend cardigan - I have the indigo one, and it's gorgeous - comfy, long and it has pockets (I'm weird about cardigans having pockets, you need them for keys, pens, post it notes, is it just me who does this? Really?) - it took me a while to track this one down, as my local store didn't have it in my size, so I went for it online instead. I hope they sell this style again in the Autumn/Winter collection in different colours as I want to collect them all! Only complaint is that they get a bit bobbly after a few washes but it's unavoidable really.

On a whim, I bought the polka dot dress! I saw it in our local shop, found my size, and wanted to try it on, so I did. And wow! Didn't it look amazing? I garnered loads of attention in it from fellow shoppers and the shop assistant - so I knew it had to be done. I'm very tall, built like a rugby player with big shoulders and a bit of a pot belly - and this dress just flatters and skims over the tummy but creates an amazing waist in the middle. It's so flattering. I'm looking forward to wearing this at a wedding - I just need a fab pair of red shoes and a red clutch...

I also have a load of stuff awaiting delivery (I know, I know) so I can't properly talk about the fit and how I style them but I can tell you what I bought and why...

I'm waiting for a heavy sequinned grey tee - I saw this in the shop, looked at it and laughed. I thought it looked a bit too old for me, but I fell in love with it - it's so popular it's sold out! But it has been restocked, so if you love it, buy it! It will take about a month to arrive though, which I don't mind! It's the anticipation which is the fun part.

Talking of tees, I bought the silver foil thread tee as well - I like the light pleating along the neckline. They also have a spice orange version as well, but I don't get on with orange in general - I find that it's a little too bright for my tastes. In the new collection there's a pale pink version too - I'll see how I get on with the silver top and I might just try it!

I'm also waiting for an oatmeal waterfall cardigan as well - I'm obsessed with cardigans, especially for workwear purposes. They're comfy, smart and great for layering with a t-shirt or vest. I haven't got anything oatmeal coloured, and I'm mostly a charcoal grey girl! However I'm going to say this straight off, IT'S NOT BEIGE. I don't like beige. But this colour is very creamy and I can't wait to try it.

Talking of NOT BEIGE, I have a pair of bamboo linen trousers ordered - They do them in white too but I don't know how see through the white pair are so I'm not risking it unless I try it on in a shop. But they're a nice colour, and I can imagine wearing it with my black LTS buttoned ribbed vest and my straw Panama hat. A great look for summer... (if it ever comes back, of course)

Finally, I have some denim roll up jeans coming soon - another pair of carpenter style trousers, I tried a size below my regular size and didn't quite fit so I wanted to get a size up - but if it's like the amazing denim shorts of wonder I bought a few months back then these look set to be full of win! Especially knowing that they're lightweight - nothing is as awful as a pair of heavy denim jeans on a hot day.

Just so you know, I'm not made of money, but LTS do have 20% off everything online at the moment, hence why I've got such a huge haul of clothes! It's on until the 3rd July and excludes brand new items (New In) and stuff that's just been restocked - so get clicking while you can, I know I will :D

Before I leave you, I'll show you a quick sneaky peek of what I have my eye on next:

LTS Lust List

London bootleg jeans - perfect for the autumn, and cooler days.
Essential bootleg trousers - my favourite go to trousers for work! But out of stock in my size/leg length :(
White kaftan - floaty, cool looking and so, so chic.
Grey snakeskin print vest - this would look fab under a cardigan.
Bird print blouse - this is a sheer blouse so needs a white vest under it, but I love it so I'd either wear jeans for a casual look or black trousers for work.
Blue sequin vest - I don't have anything heavy sequinned to this extent, but I'd wear this! Again, jeans and sandals/heels would be a perfect combo with this lovely top.
Denim sleeveless jacket - I'd wear this over my favourite maxi dress with sandals - fabulous.
Black chiffon beaded tee - this is from the new collection, I believe it could be a taster of A/W '11 but I quite like it! It's a bit heavy for summer though, but by the looks of it the collection appears to focus on plenty of dramatic black and drapey chiffon, and art deco style prints! Again, I'd wear jeans or black trousers and ballet flats for a chic smart look.
And finally... the black tier tee - I love this, I don't know if it would work on me though, but the tiers add interest, and I like it!

And that's all from me, thanks for getting this far!

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