Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Blogs I Love (and I hope you do too!)


I'm always on the lookout for new blogs - all the time! I've been trawling the Blogger Blogs Of Note for new ones, and of course, finding blogs written by friends and following them - my Google reader is huge! It's become a bit of a ritual now for me to sign into Blogger of a morning, and read all the latest posts from my blogging pals - I love it. I think I'm officially addicted now, as well as blogging properly myself, of course...

I wanted to share some of my finds with you, and see if anyone else had any links of wonder they fancied sharing with me too? That would be amazing! I tend to read a wide mix of anything - fashion, beauty, photography, and blogs with a mix of all three... I'm a proper fluffy girl though!

My favourite blogs so far are:


This blog is brilliant! It's written by Lauren, who's based in Durban, South Africa and it's a huge mix of everything - like a big scrapbook! The photography is just good enough to eat. The writing is also fun - witty and fresh.

Allie In Wonderland 

My mate Allie is a runner, vegetarian and brilliant baker/cook. Here in her blog she shares recipes, photographs and pictures of pretty jewellery and makeup! Plus she enabled me to try microwave emergency chocolate cake (if you haven't done this yet, why not?! Linkage here)

Both Nine And Ninety

Another one of my good mates, Konni writes this beauty blog, which is amazing fun - she has loads and loads of makeup reviewed here, and it's genuinely great to read - I especially love reading about her latest purchases, and she has a way with words which is both witty and hilarious!

Dreams That Glitter xoxo

Georgie writes this amazing beauty/fashion blog - as a MUA (make up artist) she has a huge collection of makeup which is expanding all the time! - plus a business creating cute hair accessories, and a massive love for Betsey Johnson, too.

The Leopard Anchor

Kirsty is the owner of this fab craft blog - if you love Cath Kidston, vintage, photography, sewing and very, very pretty things, then you'll love The Leopard Anchor. It makes me want to do something crafty straight after reading one of her brilliantly inspirational posts.

The Gift Shed

Another talented friend of mine called Emma runs The Gift Shed, a website dedicated to notebooks of all shapes, sizes and designs, and just about anything she turns her hand to comes out amazing! She showcases off her works on her blog, and it's well worth a look!


Another friend of mine, Caroline, who's doing a Daily Snap (otherwise known as a Project 365 or 365) alongside me - here are her photographs of the year so far - I love looking at Project 365s, simply because it's such a fun project to do, and it's inspiring to see what other people do.

Feel free to leave a comment with more links to awesome blogs - maybe you have one which you'd like to link me to? Either way, go for it!


  1. Awww thank you for the mention my lovely, what an amazing list of bloggers you have featured too!


  2. Aw hey Rachie, that's so cool of you to mention me. I know of a great blog - I'm looking at it right now! Heh :D Also, the microwave emergency chocolate cake is one of the best things that's ever happened to me. I made one for my fella to try and show him how wondrous it was, but I had a mishap with the oil and it was too liquidy and it collapsed. He remains unconvinced... Fool! x


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