Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Adventures: The Box O' Teen: Or, lessons learnt

Box O'Teen

I have finally gotten around to doing this, finally. A few years ago, I was a teenage girl, and now I'm an adult, which is quite frankly, terrifying - in my teenage years I firstly kept a diary (several, but they no longer exist as I threw them out on a previous room rejuve) and I also kept a small box full of random bits and bobs from my teenage years, as well as my school leavers' book. I found the box on my rejuve a few weekends back and it was firstly, shocking, and two, really nice. I have learnt so much since my teenage years. So, so much.

Lesson 1: Being a teenager is the worst period of your life, EVER.
Lesson 2: However life does pick up once you leave school and go to college. Because you get to call your teachers by their first name, and non uniform.
Lesson 3: School was actually quite boring when it comes to college.
Lesson 4: You will fall out with your friends. You'll call each other names, and say some really nasty things. But life really is too short to argue, and you'll be friends again in time.
Lesson 5: That's why you need that one true friend who looks after you and listens, and takes good care of you. They're worth their weight in gold.
Lesson 6: If you have a dream, do something about it! But always have a backup plan or career in case it doesn't work out, especially in the creative arts, like music, acting, or writing.
Lesson 7: The saddest lesson of all is that often dreams are a lot harder to achieve when you're an adult. But if you're dedicated you will do it. Believe.
Lesson 8: Being an adult comes with a hell of a lot of responsibility, so enjoy being carefree while you can, before the responsibility of work, and bills and stuff hits you.
Lesson 9: There really isn't a set way of living life, or coping with events which come up. You just have to wing it. The rest of us are.
Lesson 10: Finally, don't stress out too much, work hard at school, love your friends and family, and enjoy it!

Within the box, I found a letter and a birthday card from a dear friend, an old playlist CD from long ago, a signed photo of Busted (!!!), my old To Do list notebook and a CD with Christina Aguliera on the front, courtesy of The Daily Fail... amongst other things like photos of yours truly at school doing things like making floral arrangements and climbing rocks. Yes, I was wiiiiiiiiild. But I don't regret a thing. I like to think if I went back to the past and changed things, a ripple effect would come back and bite me in the present day if you see what I mean. So if it wasn't for my experiences a few years back I wouldn't be here writing my blog, would I?

So, my advice for the future is this: Don't regret anything, do things you enjoy, and have fun. End.

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