Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Why wearing trainers with a dress CAN work.

So, Nike have done a collaboration with Liberty and created a range of trainers using Liberty's iconic prints. I'm not really a floral print girl, myself, but have grown to like it over the years, I even owned a floral print hoodie at one point which went in the wardrobe rejuve after the zip broke and it faded. This made me sad.

But there is something about a lovely floral print mashed against a heavy, masculine shape which makes me fall head over high tops. Are you brave enough to look?

Click the link. You know you want to.

It's all thanks to Lily Allen and more recently, Eliza Doolittle for bringing back the trend of wearing trainers and dresses without looking awful! The trick is to wear trainers which have feminine touches, such as the gorgeous floral print on these ones, but not the usual running shoes you associate with trainers. Think pretty, not functional! (I can't stress this highly enough, I really can't!) Keds, pumps, Converse and high tops like the Nike ones all work really well. Dress wise, think along the lines of pretty lace and broderie anglais, body con (if you can dare to get away with it, it really does takes a special kind of figure to completely pull it off) or maybe even floral if you can either clash with a completely different print of floral trainers or even just wear plain.

Now, my problem is the fact I absolutely love the Nike high tops. I love them so much I could eat them on toast, but I have a feeling it might taste like rubber ;) Plus, I'd rather have them on my feet. They are currently £71, which is why I totally couldn't justify them at the moment, not when I have a whole wardrobe to rejuve with new pieces and replacements. But a girl can dream, right? One day, Rodders...

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