Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Room Rejuve - The Final Push... Or Is It?


I am feeling just a bit blah today for no apparent reason other than knowing I am nearly at the end of my epic stretch of room rejuve-ing and after a long four day weekend including a mini break I am feeling a bit tired and meh to be getting back on that treadmill. Wow, long sentence! Anyway, on one of my previous blogs about this I mentioned my little list of things I need to do, and fair play, I have been working hard at it.

I started off with the purple dresser drawers, and especially had a good look at the makeup. A few surprises I had, firstly, a lot of makeup brushes. I need to replace the blusher brush as it looks like it's had enough (it's flopping to one side and the bristles keep moulting) - secondly I have a concealer brush, and a lip brush (which I have no idea why or when I bought it, only it's a Tesco one) and blotting paper, too. I binned a lot of stuff I'd worn once and had since became gloopy. One thing I will not let my friends have first dibs on is makeup, especially if it's been worn once or whatever. It squicks me out too much for a start! I tested the eyeliners I had out on the back of my hand, hence the photo, and gave the blunt ones a quick sharpen.

Throughout I discovered some shocks, such as finding mini clothes pegs, binoculars, a Nintendo DS which I haven't used for about three years (and am keeping since I could do with more Brain Training), and an awful amount of very pretty stationery which I am planning on using.

Amazingly, one of my big discoveries is the fact I seem to have two of everything in my stationery drawer. I found two 16p pencil sharpeners, about twenty million (slight exaggeration) pencils and god knows how many fluffy pens! All I know is that I no longer use this stuff and there are people (especially small children) who do. So they are welcome to it!

Secondly I did my handbag, which was easy but alarming. Since when did I put a packet of biscuits in my handbag? What about all those receipts! No wonder it's been heavy lately. *shrugs shoulders* I must, must keep an eye on this in future.

Third and fourth jobs of the day were my craft box and Lush stash. I am ashamed of myself. Two years ago I started knitting for fun, and it went so well it all ended up in a plastic box. I bought so much wool, mostly Dolly Double Knits and never used it. So, if a friend wants wool, they can have it. I kept the googly eyes I found though.

The Lush stash was easy as wink, although discovering twelve Lush metal storage tins wasn't. They're going free to a good home to my friends. I don't know what possessed me to either buy them or to somehow collect them. I used to love Lush but now don't use it half as much due to the ever increasing prices (and where to store it, or in fact, whether or not I'll use it) and the fact Liz Earle works really well on my skin and I want to keep to that.

Finally I gave my room a quick dust and polish, and will hoover it up soon.

I still have about four jobs left on my list now:

1. Hanger hooks on the back of the door - mostly sorting out shopping bags and the like on the back.
2. Bookshelves - these just need dusting and arranging.
3. Under the bed - I've decided this is a weekend job for two people as my room is fairly small and it needs an awful lot of lifting furniture out to reach underneath the bed. I can't wait though, this will properly signify the end of rejuving.
4. Old handbags I no longer use.

Either way, I know I'm nearly there, but it feels like the job is never ending! I look forward to finishing though.

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