Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Recent Foodie Obsessions

I admit it: I'm a big foodie. I love food. I've never believed in not eating, and enjoy every bite. Plus, I'm a bit adventurous in that I will try everything! I barely dislike anything, unless it's salmon, mushy peas or raw onions. Other than that you could say I'm easily convinced to try anything.

I've discovered, since getting on the diet, that I've barely eaten any chocolate, none at all. Nowadays I tend to gravitate more towards retro sweets (I discovered the other day that flying saucers are about 70 calories - score!) and rice crackers like Snack-a-Jacks which really do help fill the gap. And Babybel too - especially the Light ones which are great and taste just like the normal ones. I particularly love peeling the wax off them. That's my favourite part. Shh, I know, I'm sad!

World's Best Water

When on holiday I discovered Princes Gate Water. It's almost impossible to get in England, as it is made in Wales and is only stocked in Wales. I absolutely love it! There's the normal plain and sparkling, and then still and sparkling flavoured waters. These are my favourites. I love the Forest Fruits sparkling water, it's sweet, fruity and utterly delicious. I have also tried Orange & Peach Still Water, which was absolutely just the thing chilled on a hot day! Who needs caffeine when you've got water this yummy? I now need to work out a way of getting hold of some without having to travel several hundred miles into Wales... *strokes chin*

I also discovered a love of dill pickles on holiday. Dill pickles are basically the little pickles you see pregnant ladies eating from the jar on American TV and films. They're little courgettes, but so yummy! They taste mostly of vinegar and courgette and I now want more. I think this would definitely have to be at the buffet table come Christmas Day teatime.

I also love Nak'd bars too - My mate Allie absolutely loves these and, inspired, I tried one. Wow! It's completely raw and uncooked, but so incredibly yummy. They mostly comprise ingredients such as dates and cashews, but flavours include Chocolate Orange, Mint Choc and Cashew Cookie - you would never guess it was completely raw, or that it was made of dates. They're a bit more pricey than your average chocolate bar but I'd rather one of these than a chocolate bar! :D

My next food obsession is Coconut Water, which is amazingly refreshing. It's only 30p, so not expensive at all, but it tastes wonderful - cooling, and it comes with little coconut bits inside so you can drink AND snack at the same time.

On the same theme, Yeo Valley Coconut Yoghurts are also incredibly yummy. But I try not to eat too much of it as it has quite a big fat content. But still, healthier than chocolate.

And that's my food obsessions of the moment...

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  1. Thanks for the namecheck! Love your blog, too!

    As well as nakd bars, I'm completely obsessed with Total 0% yogurt. You could try adding a bit of coconut to that, if you wanted to get the coconut yogurt taste without quite so much fat!


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