Saturday, 14 May 2011

ONO: It's On!

Hands up, who's heard of ONO? I had absolutely no idea what it was until a good friend of mine opened my eyes to it yesterday.

ONO is a new idea for breakfast, simply known as Overnight Oats (hence the acronym) - it's basically soaking porridge oats in milk/water/apple juice or yoghurt and leaving them overnight to soak up the juices and become a super cool, almost yoghurty porridge! Friends who have tried it have reported it as super yummy, almost glue like (in a pleasant way) in texture and without doubt, I have had to try this out!

I've been online searching for recipes and there are plenty out there which suggest the use of flax and pumpkin seeds, but as my brother is allergic to nuts and seeds I have decided it's best to omit this for obvious reasons! However I could be persuaded to try this in future and who says you can't add or take away ingredients, eh?

I love eating porridge in the winter, it's so filling, and especially on cold and snowy days. And ONO sounds like just the thing for the warm summer months!

I have literally just bunged a bowl together like the recipe I've written up below (although not entirely my invention and it's all down to my friends advising me on how they make theirs) and am hugely looking forward to brekkie tomorrow morning. I'll report back tomorrow on the outcome, but yay, breakfast!

The Awesome Lady's ONO

Do this the night before, not too early and not too late (between 6-8pm sounds good)


  • Enough porridge oats for a regular bowl, or a sachet of Oats So Simple (I chose the Cinammon flavour)
  • A dash of milk (enough for a cup of tea) or water or apple juice (if you don't like milk)
  • Two tablespoons of low fat Greek yoghurt (or a dairy free equivalent)
  • Cinnamon, or flavourings like honey (up to you)
Toppings: Dried fruits, peanut butter, any fresh fruit you fancy, chocolate spread, cocoa - go crazy!

  1. Put the oats into a bowl.
  2. Put a little dash of milk, which only just about covers the oats (go small) and stir in two tablespoons of low fat Greek yoghurt into the oats.
  3. Cover the bowl with foil and put it in the fridge. Go to bed and try not to get too excited!
  4. In the morning, take the ONO out of the fridge and stir it once to integrate the ingredients one more time. 
  5. Add what you wish to flavour the ONO with, for example cinnamon or nutmeg. Stir it in.
  6. Then add your toppings, this is the fun part of ONO - you can put whatever you fancy in it, and why not! I plan to have a whole snack sized box of raisins stirred into mine.
  7. Eat and enjoy!
I am mostly looking forward to tomorrow morning now. Let me know what you think of ONO, and what your favourite toppings are...

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